2019... A year full of pleasant surprises from Apollo

2019 Is Here and some Exciting Stuff Is On The Way...

We at Apollo Vaporizer were humbled to see how many people enjoyed our products over the last few years. We are especially grateful for all the feedback we’ve received for it is our main objective to create our future models based on our customer’s wants and needs.

The best part is, the unique AirVape UPGRADE PROGRAM allows all AirVape users to upgrade to any of our future models at any time for a fraction of its retail price!

Product releases in 2019: 

The AirVape Legacy / Est. Release: Summer '19

We heard your feedback and we implemented it into our new model, which will be releasing mid-2019!

From the removable battery, the brand new heating technology, cooling airflow system, useful sensors, AirVape Legacy is the vaporizer that doesn't follow industry standards in design, or in technology, it aims to raise the bar by creating its own unique path. 

All this, in a very portable body and still simple user interface!  

The AirVape XS GO / January '19

The vaporizer with an ultra-light, ergonomic body, designed for supreme portability and convenience.

After a soft release of the Xs over the summer, we decided to do a non-removable battery version, due to the super small shape, so people can enjoy more sessions rather than carrying an extra battery constantly on-the-GO.

The Xs GO is the ideal portable vape for people with a dynamic lifestyle, extreme sports enthusiasts, campers and backpackers with its durable, light-weight body and extremely hands-on user interface.

The New Rocket / Est. Release: Summer '19

Apollo's popular grinder invention, the Rocket will soon be available in a bigger size with a new sophisticated funnel technology to fill up your vaporizer.

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Unlike any other vaping company, we want to keep you up to date with our technology.  Our goal is to provide outstanding service by not only providing you with an amazing product, but the opportunity to be apart of a community where your voice is heard.  We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, your stories, any feedback as this is most important to us when we're creating new AirVape products.