A Guide for Loose Leaf Vaping Virgins

A Guide for Loose Leaf Vaping Virgins

With the growing popularity of loose leaf vaping, many are asking: “Where do I start?”

Choosing a Vaporizer

Of course, everything begins with choosing a dry herb vaporizer. For noob loose leaf vapers, it is highly recommended to choose a vaporizer that is easy and intuitive to use.

For example, independent tech review site Wirecutter recently cited AirVape X as the best portable vaporizer among 46 others. The reviewers were particularly impressed with how easy it is to use. There’s not a lot of fiddling involved to use the device, the controls are clear and intuitive, loading loose leaf in the heating chamber was easy and not messy, and the temperature control was superior.

There are other factors involved when choosing a vaporizer such as budget. However, buying a vaporizer should be treated as an investment.

Mastering the Loose Leaf Vaporizing Basics

That said, even the most advanced vaporizer will not perform at its best if the basic, most important practices are not followed.

For loose leaf vaping newbies, here are the musts that should be observed:

  • Proper vaping temperature. Smoking burns loose leaf, vaping turns it into flavorful vapor. This is why temperature control is important so as not to burn the herb. According to scientists, the ideal temperature for dry herb is 185°C (365°F).

  • Get the grind right. Even and consistent grinding ensures that all loose leaf pieces get vaporized at the same time. For flavor, fine grinding is recommended. Vapers can move to a coarser grind if they find that the flavor is too strong.

  • Get the dosing right. It’s understandable. Using dry herb vaporizers for the first time can be exciting. However, loose leaf vaping noobs should take it easy and try to get the proper dosing to get that “just right high.”


Yes, the great trifecta of cannabidiol. For traditional joint smokers, THC is the most popular. CBD emerged as THC’s non-psychoactive cousin and CBG is the most recent addition to the family.

For loose leaf fans who want to vape the herb itself, they will get the entire spectrum of cannabidiol with THC being the strongest. However, for those who want to get the benefits loose leaf provides without getting high, CBD and CBG are great alternatives.

For CBD and CBG vaping, there are vape pens specifically made for concentrates or cartridges. However, there are dry herb vaporizers such as AirVape X that can accommodate herbs and concentrates.

For beginners, vaping loose leaf for the first time can either be unpleasant or enjoyable. By choosing the right vaporizer, covering the basic musts, and knowing what cannabidiol to consume ensures that loose leaf fans will get the best vaping experience… from the first puff.

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