AirVape Special Edition

What’s that sound, Bruno Mars?

Twenty-four karat, twenty-four karat… Vape Pen?!


As if the best vape pen, the AirVape Xs wasn’t already trending enough,

Apollo is now introducing their 24K Special Edition dry herb vape pen and let me tell you, it is gorgeous!  This already unique thin and mighty AirVape Xs herbal vape pen - 24K Special Edition is a combination of a matte black sturdy metal body with REAL 24K Gold plated parts.

Rumor has it that Drake and Kylie Jenner have this vape pen too!

The best vape pen, Xs 24K Special Edition is the ULTIMATE vaper’s kit, as it is equipped with your very own unique serial number and features a hefty list of Apollo’s most popular accessories.


All the accessories that the best vape for sale, 24K Special Edition Kit includes:

Xs Shell, Charging Dock, an extra Mouthpiece, Power  Bank (2500 mAh), VIP card, USB Charger Cable with Wall Mount, Cleaning and Packing tools, Filter Screens, Rubber Mouthpiece Cover, the User Manual and the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All of vape pen accessories combined is over the value of $200 and not to mention the incredible benefits included in your special VIP Card.  This VIP Card will have your own unique serial number and gives you special discount to numerous websites and service, plus up to 3 FREE repairs for the best vape pen for sale at any time in any scenario.


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Remember, the best vape pen, 24K Special Edition portable vaporizer is only available for a LIMITED TIME!  Get yours quickly before more of these celebrities start snatching up these vape pens!


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