AirVape X or PAX: The Comparison

January 23, 2018

It's no surprise, since PAX is probably the most well-known vaporizer brand in the industry, the PAX 3 claimed to be one of the top vaporizers for sale on the market.  But what has everyone completely shook, is that the AirVape X of 2018 is not only being compared to PAX 3, but this vape is also considered as a "game changer", the "Apple of Vaporizers" and set the bar to a whole new level that even PAX can't compete with.

Let's get into the specifics with the AirVape X and PAX 3 comparison:

- Better materials are being used in the AirVape X, for instance:

  • AirVape X has the ceramic mouthpiece compared the Pax, which is a silicone mouthpiece
  • AirVape X has the ceramic heating chamber, Pax is a metal chamber

- AirVape X has the better heating performance because of the combined conduction and convection heating, also in PAX the vapor travels a lot longer that cuts into the vapor production

- You don't have to pay extra for an App with AirVape X compared to PAX 3

- Heating time: PAX 40 s > AirVape 20 s

- Can use AirVape X while charging, unlike PAX 3 - on the same note, AirVape utilizes universal micro USB charging, PAX requires a special charger - in case you lose it 

- AirVape X still holds the title for thinnest vaporizer on the market

- The AirVape X is at a more affordable price at an $100 difference from the PAX 3

- The AirVape X comes with the lifetime warranty

Do we even have to ask which portable vaporizer you would prefer? :)

For more information/specifications, check out the AirVape X HERE!

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