Artist Edition: Our Best Rose Gold Yet!
The Popular Rose Gold Now Reimagined!

Critics are calling our Artist Edition the "Best Rose Gold color created yet!"

It was new to the vaping industry when we released a Rose Gold colored vape in 2015 since most vaporizers for sale on the market are mostly just a black color with a few exceptions of design-forward companies, like Firefly or PAX.  However the AirVape Xs Rose Gold was a new chapter in thinking outside of the box.

Now our newest AirVape X | Artist Edition was conceived by our love for art and design.  We wanted the new wooden mouthpiece to give an extra authentic taste and Earthy feel for a whole new #AirVaping experience.

Now the X Shell is included with every AirVape X purchase!  Feel free to explore your talents and the Artist within you by creating your own unique Artist Shell with the oil-based white marker also included in the kit!

Share your amazing artwork with us via Instagram and/or Facebook with hashtag #AirVaping and #AirVapingArtist - We might even send you a free accessory and/or feature your beautiful artwork on our pages!

GREAT NEWS, EXISTING AIRVAPERS : The Artist Edition qualifies for our Upgrade Program - Reserve yours now by emailing and reply "RESERVE"

Keep in mind that all good things must come to an end, so be sure to get your Limited Artist Edition today while it's still in stock!

If you haven't been briefed on the amazing X yet, it continues to be known as the thinnest, most portable vaporizer for sale on the market due to it's unique thin shape and perfect pocket fit design.

Voted #1 by a New York Times Publishing Company known as, WireCutter out of 46 other vaporizers and awarded as the Best Portable Vape under $200 by the Iconic, Vape Critic!

The already unique AirVape X uses a dual combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve the best heating. The X is the ultimate personal dry herb vaporizer featuring outstanding performance and the highest level of discreteness.

The perfectly sized, oval shaped ceramic chamber, plus the compartment underneath that accumulates hot air, serve for extra smooth, original vapor and even heating.

This portable vape features a long functionality list: it vibrates when it is ready; elegant, 1.3 inch display to show battery level and for exact temperature and automatic shutoff timer adjustment.  The vibrating function discretely warns you when X reached the temperature and when automatic shutoff timer goes off.

Loving your AirVape X?  Feel free to share your on-the-go experiences with us in the comment section!