Bigger and Better: AirVape X for the New Year

Humans are hopeful – we mark the new year with celebration and resolutions, ready to live into the future as better versions of ourselves. When we have tools that help us do that, we know we are going to succeed in making those fanciful thoughts a reality. I have to say, the folks at AirVape have been very good this year, and they deserve nice, fat stockings for the gift they left under my tree. The AirVape X is a tool that doesn't disappoint: everything about it feels bigger, better, and easier to use.

As usual, when opening a box with the portable vaporizer AirVape product, you know you are holding something of quality. The sleek metal of the body, the easy-to-read screen, and even the heft of this vaporizer make it stand out as something you want to use. It fits easily into your hand, is intuitive to operate, yet clear directions are thoughtfully included in the box. Loading the chamber is easy, and the chamber is 25% larger than that of its little brother, the AirVape Xs. Around the holiday times, when we are sometimes vaping with friends, this is a clear winner.

The improved magnetic mouthpiece is a single piece and completely ceramic, sleek and sturdy, and airflow is increased through vents around the chamber so that the draw is cooler, ensuring enjoyable hits every time. The mouthpiece even fits on with a satisfying “click” from super-strong magnets. This closure is ideal for people who might have shaky hands, making the AirVape X a great choice for those who might otherwise struggle with fitting on the mouthpiece and ensuring a good seal over the chamber.

Included with the AirVape X vape pen are the handy cleaning and packing tools, and also a pad insert for those who enjoy vaping oil concentrates. Since screens are important to the function of your vaporizer, they include a couple extra. The generous charging cord is also great, as it enables use while charging, because who wants to wait? The only other accessory you'll want to purchase is the hard-shell case, as it makes your AirVape X water-resistant and completely discreet, ensuring that your pocket or purse will be odor-free.

Each of these improvements might seem small on their own, yet combined, they're big – and the AirVape X delivers a better 2018, for sure.