Dry Herb Vaporizers Made Easy

When it comes to enjoying dry herbs, a vaporizer is your best friend.  Only a few people knew about them when they first started coming out. Slowly but surely they changed the way we enjoy our weed, and there’s no turning back. Now everyone agrees that they are the coolest way to get a buzz, but minus the risks of smoking.

They haven’t been around much, but vaporizers are getting better and are becoming cheaper, easier to use, and easier to carry than ever before.  They’re quickly becoming the first choice of regular users. If you want to know more about them, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro who hasn’t tried it yet, we’ve prepared some useful tips to help you get started with dry herb vaporizers.


If you're one of those still searching for a great vaping experience, then you need to take a close look at the condition of your weed. That's why the first thing you should do is to check its moisture content. The moisture is how you get the vapes when it's heated up. That's how most of the flavors and aromas get released in the form of vapors that go straight into your mouth.

The best way to make sure that it’s fresh is to feel it with your hands, just as if you’re in the market buying veggies. Finding the correct balance is the key.  It shouldn’t be too wet, but also not too dry. If it’s too dry and brittle so that it crumbles to the touch, then that means there isn’t enough moisture in it, and you wouldn’t want that either. You should always check your weed’s condition before loading up your vaporizer.


grind weed

After you’ve checked your weed and are satisfied with it, then you’re ready to start grinding it. For better vapors, the weed must be broken down into tiny little pieces. This way, more moisture can be exposed to the heat, letting more flavor and aroma escape. Ideally, you will want an even, medium-sized grain that is not too fine or too chunky either. Electric or manual grinders do a better job with this and help you get nice and even results.

Be sure to grind only as much as you need. Ground herb will quickly lose its moisture. Anything leftover will be a waste of good weed.


You have to master temperature control regardless if it’s herbs or oils that you’re using. Most good vaporizers will give you precise control at an ideal range of 350-420°F. A lot of it depends on your experience finding out the kind of taste that you prefer. Keep in mind that not every strain reacts to heat the same way. You might also want to consider that moisture content or how good the weed was ground would affect how much heat you need. The general rule of thumb followed by most users is that that the higher the temperature, the stronger the buzz you’ll get out of your weed. It’s really up to you to find the best settings that work for you.


First of all, you don’t want to get too excited and overload your vaporizer with weed. The vapors coming from the heating chamber must be able to reach the mouthpiece freely. That is why you need to make sure that nothing is blocking that pathway to maintain a smooth airflow. Also, jamming too much stuff in there might damage any delicate parts. Just load it with the right amount of weed for a smooth and even flow.


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Just like in baking, you’ll need to preheat the chamber, which is your vaporizer’s equivalent to an oven. So only load the device with weed when it’s hot enough. It will only take a few seconds to reach the correct temperature. A lot of popular vaporizers even alert you when they’re ready to use. It’s different for most models, but they usually come with clear instructions that are easy to follow. Some models heat up faster than the others, but you should always wait until they’re done preheating before you start packing the chamber with your weed.


The trick to doing it right is by slowly drawing vapor from the mouthpiece for a few seconds. You don’t want to suck the heat out too fast and end up cooling the chamber. The vaporizer works harder just trying to keep up with you, lowering the quality of the vapes.

You also don’t want tiny bits of weed to come rushing out of the chamber into your mouth or getting into your lungs. Just take a short and deliberate draw, hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds before breathing it into your lungs, and then exhale. That way, you get a consistently good hit every time.


Whenever there is combustion inside the chamber, then the vaporizer is no longer doing the job it was designed for, which is supposed to be vaporizing. When this happens, you might as well have rolled up a blunt for a smoke. You should avoid this one the most. The main reason why you got into vaping is to get away from all the health risks of smoking. Knowing how to use the temperature controls, keeping your device clean, and making sure that your weed is moist enough would help you avoid this problem.


Finally, if you want to continue enjoying the quality of your sessions, then you’ll have to keep your vaporizer in good working order.  It’s hard to get through the day without vaping, so you will be using your vaporizer a lot. And if you want it to last longer, then you’ll have to take good care of it like you would any valuable equipment. The manual usually has an easy step-by-step guide showing you how you can keep your unit in tip-top shape. They don’t come cheap, and doing routine maintenance on your vaporizer lets you continue enjoying vaping without burning a hole in your pocket.