Hollywood Celebrities In The Cannabis Industry

Until recently, the name "cannabis" was fraught with connotations of vice and iniquity. Many people thought of it as a devil's weed, reserved for the lowest rungs of society, such as stoners, misfits, and criminals. People in the public eye, particularly celebrities, would never dare to say anything positive about marijuana for fear of backlash.


Then what? Everything has changed for the better, and it's a good thing. As public opinion toward marijuana has swung substantially in favor of acceptance, celebrities are rushing to get in on the action by investing in the cannabis and CBD industries.

 Hollywood Celebrities In The Cannabis Industry

So, who are some of the most famous people engaged in the cannabis industry? What's their significance of them? Are they leveraging their celebrity status to benefit the company in any way?

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Doggy Dogg, the dominant figure in the cannabis industry, must be at the top of any list. His actual name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., and he has established himself as one of the world's most amusing cannabis enthusiasts.


At the age of eight or nine, Snoop's uncle is said to have introduced him to cannabis. His adolescence was characterized by that moment, and he went on to become the hip-hop icon we know today, always with a blunt dangling from his bottom lip.


"Deep Cover" is the first song he ever performed on Dr. Dre's highly acclaimed The Chronic album, a masterpiece and the soundtrack of a hazy green night in 1992, when his hip-hop career started.


With "I Love Weed" or "Smoke Weed every day," you can hear the influence of cannabis on his whole career and his climb to hip-hop superstardom.


Leafs By Snoop was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 2015 and specialized in selling high-quality Indica and Sativa flowers. In the eyes of many, they're among the greatest marijuana flowers on the market. In addition, Snoop Dogg is a shareholder in Canopy Growth, the world's biggest cannabis grower.

Seth Rogan

Stoner actor Seth Rogan is the best example of a current stoner actor. You and your closest friends can get an inside look at Rogan's hazed-out mind with his whole filmography, which is a quirky, wacky, and absolutely odd homage to the plant. Pineapple Express is the best example of what we're talking about.


However, Rogan's affinity for cannabis isn't only confined to his movies. Outside of the entertainment sector, he's been a long-time champion for cannabis legalization. While producing pottery with his wife, Rogan is said to use a "really awful quantity" of cannabis. Exceptionally nourishing.


Only in 2021, after ten long years of work, did he succeed in launching his own cannabis business. Houseplant is a company that offers not only high-quality cannabis, but also pottery, lighters, ashtrays, and other smoking accessories.

Joe Rogen 

Joe Rogen has no qualms about his engagement in the cannabis and CBD markets. As a result, the UFC analyst, comedian, and podcaster utilizes his platform to push for the legalization and reform of cannabis as well as its many advantages.


His podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, which is widely considered to be the most popular podcast ever, has included a number of cannabis-related subjects, including legalization, medical marijuana, and the overall impacts of high-THC marijuana. It didn't take long for Elon Musk to accept his offer of a joint (well, kind of half-smoked it at least).


Rogen's open-mindedness and willingness to engage in in-depth debates about cannabis and its many facets is what sets him apart. With such a large following, his platform reaches millions of people across the globe and provides them with vital information from industry leaders and health specialists.

Cypress Hill 

The name Cypress Hill has become almost inseparable from the cannabis industry. Founded in sunny South Gate, California, the hip-hop group's music focuses on cannabis.


Cypress Hill stands distinct because they've never tried to hide their love of marijuana. The Devil's Lettuce had always been a forbidden issue for them, even among the general public, who thought it to be a literal representation of hell, fire, and brimstone. They never concealed it.


Hip-hop musicians like Cypress Hill helped open the door for others to publicly declare their support for marijuana use by waving the torch high in the air. It hasn't gone unnoticed, though, as this achievement has been awarded. Black Sunday, the group's second album from 1993, went triple platinum in the United States, selling 3.4 million copies, and included the ultimate cannabis anthems "Hits From the Bong" and "Insane in the Brain."


B-Real, a founder member of Dr. Greenthumb, a cannabis dispensary franchise, successfully founded his own business in 2018. Southern California is home to a wide variety of marijuana stores.

Willie Nelson

If you haven't heard of Willie Nelson, then you haven't lived. In addition to being a long-time, well-known actor and singer, he's also a long-time, vociferous supporter of marijuana legalization.


To Rolling Stone, Nelson said that marijuana "saved" his life. It's an impressive honor but not one that should come as a surprise. Over the course of five decades, he has advocated for the legalization of cannabis and its therapeutic properties, as well as the reform of cannabis laws.


He's a member of the NORML advisory board on a non-voting, honorary basis. As the owner of Willie's Reserve, he has his own line of marijuana products. After the COVID-19 lockdowns, he staged three live-streaming performances, one of which was called Come And Toke It. Ticket sales benefited a non-profit organization called The Last Prisoner Project, which helps those incarcerated for marijuana-related offenses get their lives back on track.

Carl Sagan 

Seeing Carl Sagan and cannabis in the same phase is undoubtedly a surprise to you. Even though few people are aware of this, many of Mr. Sagan's acquaintances (apart from his wife and close family members) were unaware that he was a regular user of recreational drugs. To put it another way, he's the antithesis of Snoop Dogg.


However, don't be fooled into believing that he merely loved getting high in the privacy of his own house since he was so secretive about it. He was, in reality, a fervent supporter of legalizing marijuana, although a secret one. He was afraid that publicly endorsing cannabis at the time of the war on drugs would hurt his professional image, preventing him from becoming a professor at the famous Cornell University in New York. He was right.


This in no way implies that he was silent. Not even a little bit at all. "Mr. X" was the alias he used to author a renowned article for Lester Grinspoon's 1971 book, Marihuana Reconsidered, in which he argued for the legalization of marijuana. In the eyes of many, this article is the ultimate devotion to cannabis and its effects in written form.


As his wife recalled, Carl was "infuriated" by Sagan's letters to the Drug Policy Foundation in which he questioned the scientific legitimacy of the War on Drugs campaign.

Run The Jewels

First and first, if you haven't heard of Run the Jewels, do yourself a favor and check out their songs. It has been a decade since EL-P, and Killer Mike's hip-hop partnership unleashed a series of four great albums.


It's no surprise that EL-P collaborated with Cookies and Lemonade to develop their first-ever cannabis strain since both members "fucking adore pot," according to a press release from the band.


Hybrid Ooh La La provides a balanced high for both the brain and the body, thanks to its sweet, almost juicy scents and flavor. As a sign of their enthusiasm for cannabis advocacy, the pair sees this as a perfect representation of everything they love about pot.