Small Vape, OMinous Vaping Experience.

As many of you already know, AirVape has been well known in the past for incredibly successful vapes like the Airvape X and recently the Legacy.

Since the spotlight was mostly pointed towards portable, dry herb vaporizers, we feel like a very special member of the AirVape family of vape pens and has been massively over-looked, like the Airvape OM.

So, for wax and oil concentrate enthusiasts who are not yet familiar

WHY AirVape OM?

The AirVape OM is the ONLY vape pen at $59.99 that has 2 different caps to hide your different cartridges (compatible with almost any 510 thread profiles on the market) plus a third one that covers the included ceramic plate atomizer with the glass mouthpiece

Does Size Matter?

Don’t let the appearance of the AirVape OM fool you, it might look like a keychain and well, it is a keychain, but nonetheless it is a lean, mean vaping machine that hits like a dream yet is discreet as a whisper.

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AirVape OM

What's So Special about  AirVape OM?

The quick answer is THIS: the OM is Powerful, Discreet and Inexpensive!  Want to hear the Best Part?

Everything Connects Magnetically.


AirVape OM


Super Easy USB charging with the OM magnetic charger adapter YOU just SNAP and PLUG.


AirVape OM

 The perfect companion for your on-the-go experience, AirVape OM comes with  elegant leather or carbon fiber finish.

User Friendly.

With the the click of just one button you can Power ON or OFF or choose your preferred voltage settings, guided by a tactful little led indicator. 

The 3 interchangeable caps allow you to use different size cartridges whilst keeping your unit sleek, elegant and protected. 


The Features of  AirVape OM  have been carefully devised to make Your Vaping Experience as Effortlessly Enjoyable as possible.


Vaping has been an ancient technique for releasing the valuable active ingredients from medicinal herbs but in this digital age, small, hand-held, electronic devices took over the old, hot stone-method and, in a relatively short span of time (circa the last 25 years) grew into a huge industry.   

The Vaporizer Market has an immense variety of vapes to offer with many shapes and sizes, but also, functionalities and the trend of finding new and exciting ways to extract our beloved molecules from plants without burning them keeps on getting more and more colorful. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers are still the most sought out kind of devices yet they have their limitations and, as technology is getting better, an increasing number of people is moving towards the smaller, oil/concentrate and wax vape pens. 

The allure of Wax Pens is obvious, they're small, easy to hide and extremely simple to use. AirVape OM encompasses all of that plus offers a bonus of style and elegance.



If you're a wax or concentrate vaper you probably already have the AirVape OM on your shelf, in your pocket or on your keys but if you're ONLY NOW finding out about it, it's probably a no-brainer.