Ready, Xs, GO


We are proud to present the newest member of the AirVape family of dry herb vaporizers: the AirVape Xs GO, a vaporizer with an ultra-light, ergonomic body, designed for supreme portability and convenience.

The Xs GO is the ideal portable vape for people with a dynamic lifestyle, extreme sport enthusiasts, campers and back packers with its durable, light-weight body and extremely hands-on user interface, it is easy to use on top of a snow covered mountain wearing ski gloves, on the summit after a long climb or while canoeing on a picturesque river through canyons and valleys. No matter the time, place or the space restrictions of your camping gear, with the Xs GO you are always 3 clicks away from accessing and enjoying your favorite herb on the go.


With a single, multi-functional button, 5 built-in temperature settings and discrete led indicators there’s just no easier way to start a tasty vaping session.  

It has been no simple task to create a vaporizer that is so much smaller, lighter and yet at an incredibly affordable price without compromising the technological core and quality that AirVape is well known for. The AirVape Xs GO has been a long time project in the works but it has finally arrived.

Featuring the ultra-fast heating technology of the beloved AirVape XS, the isolated air path, magnetic mouth piece and the highest grade of materials, the Xs GO is the perfect travelling companion for vapor lovers.

The Xs being our most portable unit to date, we wanted to provide customers with more than just a small vaporizer, our aim was to create a device that encompasses a beautiful symphony of shapes that has a deeper meaning behind it. The back plate of the Xs GO has the well-known “flower of life” pattern engraved into it which is, not only pleasing to the touch, but with its 6 fold symmetry harmoniously pays homage to the entire design concept of the unit. This perfect geometrical form represents the unity between the material and spiritual realm, symbolizing man’s ethereal experience through inhaling herbs and medical plants while also relating visually to the iconic AirVape logo as well as the ideology behind the AirVape OM.



In recent years AirVape has excelled in producing some of the world’s best portable hybrid vaporizers and vape pens, uniquely designed for sophisticated tasks while staying the most easy to use units on the market. Our niche is top quality for best possible price but we realized there was a gap in the market-place that we need to bridge so, we decided to move outside of our comfort zone to create a vaporizer that is in the price range of under $100 while still being one of the best in its category.

The AirVape Xs GO is the realization of our ambition to be able to provide our customers with a wider variety of products that capture both ends of the price spectrum. It is the dry herb vaporizer that performs like its bigger, more sophisticated family members while being more accessible, smaller and more hands on in his usage, suited best for people on the move.

 They say life belongs to the adventurers so, we invite you to set sail, take the leap, conquer the summit or wander the wilderness, no matter which road you take towards the adventure of your lifetime, the Xs GO will be the perfect vaping kit to accompany you on the way.