Start On A High: 3 Tips for First-Time Vapers

May 23, 2018

3 Tips for First-Time Loose Leaf Vapers

Did you know that according to the German Archaeological Institute, loose leaf vaping could have started 10,000 years ago during the Stone Age?

Over the years, technology has changed how loose leaf is enjoyed. Most recently, portable dry herb vaporizers have enabled loose leaf fans to enjoy their buds conveniently and take it wherever they go.

Vaping loose leaf has its advantages compared to smoking loose leaf. Vaping “cooks” the herbs, extracting the good stuff and turns it into vapor. Smoking, on the other hand, burns the herbs and creates smoke. As a result, vapers get more loose leaf oils such as THC with less toxins and the other bad stuff.

According to “A more recent popular technique is to use a vaporizer. The vape “high” is considerably less intense and shorter. It allows you to utilize all the medicinal benefits in your cannabis without wasting the THC on ‘off burn’ from joints, so it is a very efficient way to consume cannabis. Plus, it is a lot healthier on your lungs.”

Loose leaf smokers who are looking for a new way to enjoy their herbs with a dry herb vaporizer should keep the following things in mind before starting.

  1. Find the Right Vaporizer

Not all vaporizers are created equal. Finding the right vaporizer is a critical factor in achieving an enjoyable loose leaf vaping experience.

At the same time, many vape pens don’t come cheap and vapers should take into consideration their budget without sacrificing quality. For instance, AirVape X has been regarded by vape critics as a premium loose leaf vaporizer without the premium price tag.

Look for a vaporizer that’s created with high-quality materials such as ceramic that cooks loose leaf well without altering the herb’s flavor.

  1. Temperature Matters

Smoking loose leaf is more straightforward compared to vaping it. Light up the joint, take a hit, and that’s it. Vaping loose leaf using a dry herb vaporizer is more scientific and begins with using the right temperature to make sure the hemp oils and flavors come out, without any unpleasant or burnt taste.

The best flavor to vape loose leaf is between 175 – 200°C. Vapers going for an “awake high” should set their vaporizers at the lower end of the temperature range.

  1. Preparation is Key

Vapers who are going to try loose leaf for the very first time should do their homework before their first vaping session. Aside from researching options for high-quality vaporizers, loose leaf vaping novices should also consider the following:

  • Researching the proper way to grind buds and pack leaves into the vaporizer
  • Creating a comfortable and safe place to enjoy the effects of loose leaf vaping
  • Planning vape sessions around mealtimes to anticipate the possible hunger pangs
  • Knowing which loose leaf strain to use depending on the desired effect
  • Making sure to take it easy -- loose leaf newbies should already feel the effect after 1 to 2 puffs

With the growing popularity of dry herb vaporizers, there has not been a more convenient and safer time than today to start using loose leaf. First-timers just need to do their due diligence to make sure that they get the best vaping experience.

AirVape sells only the highest quality vaporizers and vape accessories and has been hailed one of the best by vaping critics worldwide. Check out our newest dry herb vaporizer, the AirVape X. It’s the most advanced, easy to use portable vaporizer on the market today.

In the meantime, do you have other tips for new loose leaf vapers? Post them in the comments section below.

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