Stop Wasting Time!

How to reduce wasting enough time to win up to one year!

Here is the list of 4 ways to eliminate wasting time TODAY!

1. Cut down the amount of time it takes to brush your teeth

What if you could cut down your teeth brushing time from 2-3 minutes to just 1 minute? Not only saving you time, but also be even more efficient in this daily activity that you do twice per day. Let’s do the math, 2 minutes more of your time added per day, 365 days a year... that’s 730 minutes, 12 hours of your life back!

An extra 2 minutes per day doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up!

Introducing the Cybersonic 3

Cybersonic’s patented resonance technology allows for unparalleled cleaning performance.
World’s Fastest Toothbrush runs at 45,000 cleaning strokes per minute, Cybersonic 3 exceeds any other toothbrush ever produced. Dual Brush Head Design with interchangeable compact and deluxe brush heads allow for customized cleaning.

Integrated Sonic Flossing with sonic flossing system and quick change pre-strung floss tips make flossing quick, easy, and effective.
Sonic Tongue Cleaner helps remove the bacteria that are the major source of bad breath and that are links to tooth and gum decay.

Sonic White Bleaching System uses the vibrations of your toothbrush to release the stain removing power of oxygen for fast, but gentle tooth whitening.
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2. How to pack for a trip in 20 minutes or less by Eagle Creek

Packing can be one of the most stressful and time consuming experiences. Do you ever wish for an easier way? A way to make it go by so much quicker and greatly reduce the amount of stress and anxiety? Your wish has been granted...

Let’s do the math, let’s say you travel 10 times per year, that’s about usually 1-2 hours of packing. That’s 1,200 minutes dedicated to packing compared to 200 minutes or less with this quick guide! Saving you over 16 hours, if not more!

“Half the battle is learning to pack quickly and efficiently, so you can get out the door and on the plane or in the car faster—and calmer. Last December, I found out that I had to fly to Italy on a last-minute business trip, the day of

departure. My flights were booked for that afternoon, so I dashed around my apartment in a frenzy throwing everything (and I mean everything) into my suitcase. I left in a cluttered mess, and of course, forgot a few vital items. That experience taught me a lesson and helped me to get a sense of what I should have done to prepare myself for takeoff.”

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3. The Fastest Hair Dryer

There are many different hair dryers available today that will dry your hair, but how long does it take? How efficient is your current hair dryer? Does it leave your hair frizzy or sleek and shiny under 10 minutes?

Introducing the Fastest Hair Dryer with a record time of 5 minutes and 20 seconds, T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

“We challenged four blow-dryers—all promising a faster blowout —to a race. One tester with a medium-thick lob followed the same styling routine for five days. The products (shampoo and conditioner) and the brush stayed the same, but she swapped in a new blow-dryer each day. The models went up against the current speed demon, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i, which holds the title for the quickest blow-dry session: five minutes and 20 seconds. Here are the results. Full speed ahead!”

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4. Fastest Vaporizing heating technology

Out of all the vaporizers that we’ve experienced with, this vaporizer has the fastest heating technology and is the most efficient. Stop wasting your time with waiting 1-2 minutes for your vape to heat up when this amazing unit does the job in only 20 seconds!

Let’s do the math, let’s say you vaporize just one session per day, that’s about 14-15 minutes waiting for the vaporizer to heat up per week, 780 minutes per year... time wasted waiting! You could cut this time down to not even 3 minutes per week, which is less than 150 minutes per year. It’s a no brainer!

“The AirVape Xs is the ultimate personal herbal vaporizer featuring outstanding performance and the highest level of discreteness in a tiny, thin design. The new Xs uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve the best heating.

The perfectly sized, oval shaped ceramic chamber, plus the compartment underneath that accumulates hot air, serve for extra smooth, original vapor and even heating.”

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