Voted Best Portable Loose-Leaf Vaporizer

The AirVape Xs has been voted as one of 2017 best vaporizer for sale according to

If you haven’t already heard of, the website was created by two beautiful best friends known as Mary L. and Mary B.  The site is based on the top loose-leaf vaporizers for sale on the market.  If you are unsure of what vape for flower is right for you, this website would be a great place to start.  What makes this website different from other review sites, is that the top vapes are not based on the best friends opinions, it’s based on consumer’s votes.

Here are just a few comments recently received in regards to the AirVape Xs:

“This AirVape Xs vape pen is the best herbal vaporizer that we have ever invested in.  I actually bought a couple more for each of my parents to kick the habit of traditional smoking.  Usually with technology, they don’t want to even try anything new or different, but this vaporizer is so easy and simple to use that they caught on right away.  I am thoroughly impressed with what this small, thin and discreet product can do and thankful that I made the right choice.”

Tony, 26 

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the AirVape Xs is even better than PAX!  I tell every vape shop that I go to that they need this [loose-leaf] vaporizer.”

Justin, 34

“If you want my honest opinion, out of all the portable vaporizers, the AirVape Xs is at the top of the game.  It’s the thinnest vape, easily fits in my pocket.  Very convenient and discreet.  Unique by combining convection and conduction heating.  Heats faster than other vapes I own.  Vibration feature when reaches temperature and when vape turns off, I didn’t think would be that big of a deal until I had the unit and realized that this feature is something I need from now on.”

Denny, 39 

“You know when you read a lot of good reviews on a vaporizer and you sometimes think to yourself, maybe it’s too good to be true?  Well, this is not the case for the AirVape Xs.  It is just too good and too true!  And I love the color, getting another for my husband in the blue.”

Sandra, 55


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