What Is The Best Vaporizer For Wax?


What Is The Best Vaporizer For Wax?

Wax — the euphoric world of THC just can’t get enough of them, and for good reason!

So finding the best vaporizer for wax is quickly becoming a priority. First off, these concentrates genuinely live up to their name as concentrated essential oils.

What does that mean?

Well, they contain no other plant compounds, making them even purer than natural herbs! Not only does this give them a higher potency (sometimes nearly 80%!), but it also increases their flavor profile.

However, you might hesitate to jump into the world of concentrators because of the range of vaporizers out there. Perhaps you find the devices too complex. Or, you have already tried and had a bad experience with a low-quality vaping device.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the best vaporizer for wax! So let’s dive right in!

Oil Vs. Wax - What’s The Difference?

With oil and wax both being concentrates, it is not uncommon to see many people, especially THC newbies, confuse the two. However, that is far from the truth.

In reality, oils and waxes have quite a few distinctions, with the only common denominator being the moniker ‘oleoresins’. Here’s a more in-depth look at how they differ.

●     Consistency

Oil tends to have a more liquid-like nature overall. However, its exact consistency can range from thin to dense due to its varying viscosity levels. Cannabis oil acquires this trademark consistency from the purging of chemical solvents during its extraction.

Wax, on the other hand, is a tad more diverse. Much like its name, the substance is available in a soft, semi-solid form. But, surprising as it is, you can also find it in solid form!

Depending on its consistency, wax can have many names. For instance, if it’s solid but brittle, it goes by shatter, honeycomb, or crumble. If it's more pliable, you could call it live resin, sap, or budder.

●     Texture

Gooey and dark — those are two terms that will come to your mind instantly upon seeing cannabis oil. However, in the case of wax, you’re more likely to think along the lines of soft and crumbly.

Due to their liquid texture, oils like hash, CBD, and BHO, are available in syringes. Meanwhile, the wax comes in tiny containers or pouches.

●     Potency

Extraction methods tend to strip cannabis oils of chemical solvents. On top of that, other oils are often used to cut the cannabis oil for a more liquified consistency. As a result, the end product is somewhat diluted, with lower cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

Wax, by contrast, is far more potent and intense. After all, when extracted from the cannabis plant, wax has a cannabinoid and terpene concentration that's through the roof! With the removal of other plant compounds, waxes can sometimes have a THC content of up to 80%!

●     Ease Of Extraction

The process of extraction is another factor where oil and wax go their separate ways. However, oil, and CBD oil, in particular, are relatively easy to prepare at home.

However, wax is not. Any other method and you best be prepared to deal with an explosion if even one little thing goes wrong! That is, of course, unless you employ a technique that requires no solvents.

So anytime you hear someone say that all wax prep needs is some Butane, ignore them. It's better to be safe than sorry, as they say.

How to Fill A Wax Pen

If it’s your first time handling a vape pen, you may be a little paranoid about getting it just right. And even if you’ve hit a pen a couple of times before, you may not have the process down pat. Either way, this simple guide to loading the best vaporizer for wax is all you need!

1.   Preparing The Concentrate

First things first, you want to find a dab tool and fill its end with a tiny amount of concentrate. A BB-sized amount is usually the way to go with most pens, so say approximately 0.1g.

In some cases, you could even use your finger if you feel it gives you better control. However, this depends on the depth of the coil and the consistency of the extract.

2.   Applying The Concentrate

Next, you need to apply the concentrate directly to the coil. Again, if you’re using a tool, be careful not to let it touch the coil. Since it can be a little hard to get off the tool, feel free to wiggle it a bit, but be very gentle. Coils are incredibly delicate and can easily be damaged.

Filling vapes with smaller, shallower atomizers is generally far easier. After all, they have the call right near the top. Deeper atomizers, however, tend to be a bit tricky, especially when filling them with small amounts.

Here’s another handy tip: if your concentrate is more solid, break it into tiny pieces. Also, rather than using the entire concentrate, use only 30-50%. That should be enough to fill most pens.

Most importantly, ensure that the extract you use is clean. Also, it should melt entirely and turn liquid when heated before you start vaping.

3.   Vapes without atomizer-Prime The Wick

prime the wick

You do this step before you start vaping since it melts the wax and coats the coil with it. The result is that the pen generates better vapor and more consistent hits right off the bat.

Of course, this one isn’t non-negotiable for every vape. However, sometimes you might feel your wax is vaped away a little too soon when you don’t do this step. You’re even more likely to feel this way during the first few draws since filling the pen.

With that step, you’re done! You’re good to get high as a kite!

You can also make the process even simpler by getting an AirVape OM. 

Airvape OM

This top-notch wax pen by AirVape USA offers an experience that’s smooth and easy to boot. How, you ask? Well, because it comes with pre-filled cartridges!

That's right! Five clicks to turn on the device, and you're all set! If you have the AirVape OM, all the steps mentioned here are essentially useless.

Setting the Temperature For A Wax Pen

With wax pens being newcomers to the market, most operate on a single wattage battery. So the temperature settings aren’t a part of the package. Over time, constant innovation has seen the arrival of far more advanced products.

The best vaporizer for wax will often come with a range of preset voltage settings. Users can then use this to control how much power flows into the coil, controlling the pen's temperature.

Once you have one of these, efficiently managing the temperature is the next skill to pick up. However, with these super simple tips, you’ll be hitting your wax pen like a pro in no time!

●     Heating Elements And Watt Output

So let's dive a bit deeper into the intricacies of wax pens — their heating elements, to be exact. These pens can have a variety of heating elements. However, quartz rods and ceramic dishes have won special favor by wide margins.

The principle is simple. Each heating element comes with a different watt output, which, in turn, determines the pen's heating potential. Thus, a higher watt output equates to a higher heat potential.

For instance, quartz heats faster and hotter, but ceramic wax coils stay hot for longer.

●     The Ideal Vape Temperature

Now, this one comes down more to personal preference. Do you want massive clouds? Or, are you someone who would rather indulge in a slow, delicious simmer?

Whatever the case, you'll have to maintain a temperature between 315°F and 650°F. That said, the absolute perfect wax pen temperature falls somewhere between 420°F and 550°F.

So regardless of what pen you have, you should be able to reach this temperature.

●     The Art Of Hitting

The Art Of Hitting

What you want out of your experience will also dictate just how you use your wax pen.

For instance, if your priority is big, thick rips, all you need to do is continue to hit the pen. However, in this case, you don’t do it externally but simply by hitting the pen continually.

On the contrary, if you're looking for soothing, flavorful hits, it's best to space them out. Waiting a bit before your next hit will prevent your coil from becoming burning hot. Naturally, then, it will also help reduce the temperature.

●     Wax Pen Voltage

For larger hits, it’s best to set your pen to the highest volt, temperature, or wattage setting. On the other hand, if you prefer smooth, flavor-filled hits, a low voltage is what you need.

Bear in mind that continually hitting your pen will naturally raise its temperature. So even with a wax pen with variable settings, try to give your pen’s coil a moment to cool down.

●     The Build-Up Process

Finally, you want to remember that the trick to using the best vaporizer for wax is to start at the lowest setting. If not that, then the lowest recommended setting at least. Then you can continue to build your way up to your perfect temperature.

You’re likely to find this practice easier with wax pens that have multiple temperature settings. However, adjusting to watts or degrees will take longer to master.

Pro Tips For Using A Vaporizer Pen For Wax

Believe it or not, vape pens are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of filling them. However, you could create a bunch of problems for yourself when you ignore vital operating instructions.

So here are a few tips to get the best vaporizer for the wax to last longer:

●     Stand Your Wax Upright, Especially Post Vaping

Laying your pen flat, especially after vaping, is a huge no-no. Unfortunately, though, it’s a mistake that tops the list among beginners.

Think about it — heated-up wax is quite naturally in a liquid form. So it can easily seep into any tiny crannies and cracks it finds in your pen. That, in turn, will result in sticky residue around the parts as well as blocked airways. In short, it will damage your pen.

Sadly, you need to remember that not all wax pens are created equal. While the best vaporizer for wax can stand upright itself, others may need a vape stand to hold them up.

●     Avoid Overpacking The Coil

Overpacking is another rookie mistake a lot of first-timers tend to make. Undeniably, it does seem easier to fill the coil with as much as it can fit. However, know that this does more harm than good.

Sure, packing less means you’ll have to fill the pen more often. But it will simultaneously reduce wastage as well as clean-up time!

Essentially, when you overpack wax, it melts and splatters onto the mouthpiece and other parts. Not only does this result in a waste of money and wax, but it could even make it a challenge to remove the mouthpiece.

While it may not explicitly damage the device, overpacking will hamper your vaping experience. After all, it can block airways, form a sticky mess within components, and decrease overall device efficiency.

●     Only Pack Your Pen With Wax You Plan On Vaping

Once wax newbies realize the dangers of overpacking, most are scared into underpacking. However, this is equally bad for the best vaporizer for wax! The key is to pack only the wax you plan on vaping. No more, no less.

So the amount you use will change depending on whether you’re in for a long session or a quick hit. For one, this will help you save money by reducing wax wastage. Other than that, it will help you keep your pen cleaner, ensuring a longer device life.

Wrap Up

Genuinely enjoying a wax vaping session boils down to more than just having the best device. Instead, it encompasses several factors like filling the pen correctly, finding the ideal temperature, and more.

With this guide, you now know exactly what to do. So wax pen in hand, give the tips mentioned here a shot!