How much is a pound of Herb worth around the word?

Have you ever wondered how much is a pound of weed?

Talking of cannabis, the total estimated value of the cannabis market, according to the 2019 report, is around USD 344 billion. You sense what a massive amount of weed produced worldwide still is being illegal in most countries. In contrast, the USA and some of the other counties have made it legal to grow cannabis for medical purposes, which impacts the price of marijuana a lot. This explains why

As a new client or new to weed's worth, you always have this question: What is the price of a pound of weed. So without any further due, let us get down to business and let me explain the very detail so you can get the perfect deal for your weed anywhere in the world.

Perfect Measurement For Your Weed

We know that we are very eager to see the price right away; here is the catch to start with purchasing marijuana not to mention if you're going to buy weed seeds online. It would be best if you saw the weight measurement. For starters, you need to know a pound is a unit of weight that's equivalent to 16 ounces — and the abbreviation for pound is "lb." 

  • 1 pound equal to 16 ounces and equivalent to 448 grams.

Let us cover how to evaluate weed weight to ensure that once you buy a pound of weed. You are getting a pound of weed. There is just one way to measure a pound of weed accurately — and that is by utilizing the scale. 

Suppose you are purchasing one pound (or a fraction of a pound). In that case, it is vital to use a scale specifically designed to measure smaller weights, ideally by the gram. If you utilize a scale meant for measuring larger weights, it would not be as accurate. You would possibly not get a precise measurement of what proportion of weed you are handling. So here is how to get a proper amount of cannabis for what you paid.



Price Of A Pound Of Weed

It is the part that you are waiting for, so let us find out:

Isn't it an age-old question, and if you are about to sell marijuana, you are considering how much a pound of weed will cost you as the ultimate point is to profit for your effort. To get the ideal price, you need to compare your local seller. However, since cannabis legalization is sweeping throughout the states, weed's value is all around the place. For the accurate price of weed, we need to compare Colorado and California's costs as they are the largest producers of marijuana. 

Due to competition, their price is stable all around the year. It will cost $846 for 16 ounces of marijuana in Colorado, which is the lowest according to statistics worldwide. In comparison, its competitor Canada sells the very premium cannabis for $1,500 per 16 ounces. So comparing the best can tell the standard cost of cannabis per pound is around 846-1500$. However, the price may vary from country to country. Likewise, in the USA, it can cost around $2,000 to $3,000.

Price Of Weed In Global Market

I know you are interested in the price of cannabis around the globe too, which will give you an advantage when you purchase weed from any place you visit, so here is the price of weed per gram around the world:

Highest price per gram according to 2020:

  • Japan- 50$ to $70
  • USA- 17$ to 22$
  • Canada- 4$ to 8$
  • UK- 14$ to 28$
  • Australia- 8$ to 21$
  • China- 5$ to 35$
  • India- 5$ to 35$
  • Bangladesh- 5$ to10$
  • Russia- 5$ to 32$
  • Nigeria- 5$ to 20$
  • France- 10$ to 21$

The provided information differs from place to place, considering quality and availability. From here, you can get the idea of weed prices worldwide, which will surely help you buy your desired weed in your range.

Factors That Influence The Price Of Weed

Up to now, you can understand the Variety of prices while you purchase cannabis. Some factors that positively impact the cost are:

  • Legalization— If you are staying in Colorado, you can get eight buds for just $23+, which include tax as the primary cause is marijuana is legal in that country. However, if the state or country where you reside where marijuana is illegal, then the cost will surely touch a high price. Besides that, there is a chance of arrest by Authorities if caught while purchasing.


  •  Quality of product— The price varies according to the quality of your product. The cannabis used for medical purposes is sure of High quality and high cost. There are different grades and strains of marijuana. The upper or lower they contain CBD or THC and pleasing aroma, The higher or more down, the value you will pay.


  • Taxation— This is a must, and this will increase your buying price to some extent. The tax on cannabis in Colorado is 2.9%. And 10% for sales tax and retail tax for medical marijuana. While in Washington, USA, 37% retail or sales tax is in force. However, the situation of taxes is the same worldwide, ranging from 1.69% to 9.45%.


  • The Black Market— This has an incredible impact on the cost. Initially, it is through the black market that most consumers buy. Their marijuana before legalization set it. So the operators can cut the price for local clients or buyers to attract more customers.


  • Demand and Supply via Location— The location can affect the overall price according to your area's standard. If you live in San Francisco or Dubai, the cost will undoubtedly be high. However, some shops may sell it to you with a good discount, but if you have less cannabis shops around, you then be ready to pay a higher price.

To Sum It Up

It is prevalent to think about the cost of a pound of weed. We need to understand that the value of marijuana varies from place to place. Moreover, besides that, this article has every precise detail you need. The more you know the factors that influence its price, the more refined you are buying marijuana at the right price. Alternatively, you can buy green crack feminized cannabis seeds and grow it at home.