X Shell for AirVape X

Coming Soon: X Shell

Protect your AirVape X, increase discreteness

The X Shell makes AirVape X water resistant and dirt-proof, making a perfect gadget on-the-go if you spend a lot of time outdoors or just simply want a sleek and even more discrete vaporizer.

The discreteness is also increased by the design of X Shell to allow you to turn on your vape WITH the Shell On. This way, you will still feel it vibrate when ready, but X is only uncovered when it's in actual use. 

The X Shell is not only a carry case, it is an extension of the already magical AirVape X, because the absolutely minimal size and shape difference when The Shell is on.

The easy slip-on makes is so convenient, it will actually become part of your vape.

*The X Shell protects AirVape X from any water splash damage, but do not submerge under water. 

[compatible with all existing AirVape X models]

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