Heating Chamber

Thin Outside. Mighty on the inside.

From the sustainable body to the elegant technological core, every detail in AirVape Xs combines beautiful engineering and meticulous craft. The Xs is the Best pocket-fit loose leaf vaporizer on the market, that is also compatible for extracts with the Concentrates Cup extension. AirVape Xs is a magical device that never disappoints.

Airvape portable vaporizer
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Designed in Venice, CA

best vaporizer

Thinnest Body

vapor pen

Sturdy Build

Best heating technology and good vapor

by combining conduction and convection (hot air) heating


best vape



Ultra Fast Heating

best dry vaporizer

Isolated Airpath

best vaporizer for sale

Ceramic Chamber & Glass Mouthpiece

vape pens for sale

Unique Heating System

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