We find meaning in making this world a better place. Apollo's recycling program was created for same reason. And, in today’s ever changing environment it is more important than ever to focus on protecting what every human has in common: Planet Earth.

Apollo has found inspiration via EART & CO. who have taken a unique approach uniting art and nature in a new sleek product line of bracelets and watches that take direct action to safeguard three major causes: Saving the Rainforests, Cleaning the Oceans and Stopping Global Warming. 

EART & CO. have a passion to advance these causes by donating 10% of each actual sale, saving our planet is just one of the many battles we encounter as humans and we see this as the start of cascading solutions for all. 

Made of lava stone with a stainless steel medal emblem, representing one of the three charities, the neutral palette makes it a great match to any outfit.

As Emerson once said, “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”, there is one color associated with each cause. 

Cleaning the Oceans

 This is an elegant unisex lava stone bracelet with ocean blue stone and

wave stainless steel medal that supports the cause of cleaning up the oceans by

donating 10% of your purchase price to the charities listed on

Stop Global Warming


 This bracelet supports the cause of stopping global warming by donating 10%

of the purchase price of this lava stone bracelet to the charities listed on

The stainless steel medal is a reminder that global warming is real

and we should not take our Mother Earth for granted. 


Saving the Rainforests

The elegant army-green colored lava stone bracelet, matched with the medal

of a Brazilian pine tree made of stainless steel, is

another great match to any outfit and a reminder so save our forests.