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Other AirVaping possible benefits for smokers

AirVape is one of the first vaporizers that can have biggest benefit for cigarette smokers, because no other vaporizer heated up loose leaf this fast before...

    • You can light up a cigarette in about a few seconds - if it is windy, that would be a bit longer :)
    • Airvape ALWAYS heats up to optimal level in less then 20 seconds, no lighter needed


    • Cigarettes gets pricey if you smoke a lot
    • After purchasing AirVape, you can keep refilling it with loose tobacco, saving money!


    • Cigarette smokers always have to be cautious about their cigarette smell
    • AirVape does not burn substance, therefore smell is reduced significantly! (same principles apply to SECOND HAND SMOKING)

      Did you know?

      Our AirVape enthusiasts tested vaporizing different substances. They reported some great benefits what we summarized in this diagram.

      *Disclaimer: these effects are not proven by any clinical studies, they are based on our vaporizer tester's reports. Apollo Vaporizer Inc. does not take any responsibility if any of our customer does not experience the same effect.

      AirVape beats competition in heat-up time, thinnest design and performance.

      A vaporizer should really do one thing: vaporize! And it should do it very well! And a portable vaporizer should be portable. AirVape is the best on the market, because it vaporizes quickly and effectively, and with it's unique, flat design it is the most portable. Is equipped with LCD display that shows the battery level. Also, if you want to change your vaporizing temperature just by a few degrees, you can. With most of the portable vaporizers you cannot.


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