BEST VAPE out of 46 vapes - New York Times Publishing company - Wirecutter


One-of-a-kind accessory that makes it uniquely water resistant 


Recycling program - in collaboration with EART & CO / return your old vape

Lithium Ion batteries are issue for the environment. Apollo is the first vape company that started recycling vaporizers and giving a big incentive for people who are sending in their used vape. 


We support our Veterans

November 11, together we stand with them to honor and support the people that fought for our country. 


Always up to date program 

We work hard to innovate and bring the best heating technology and design possible. And we will do this until Apollo exists. 

Truth is, every couple years or so new technology will be implemented in our vapes.

Uniquely, any AirVape Ninja is eligible for upgrade for any of our future models at at least 50% off the retail price tag. 

An AirVape Ninja is a person who

  • has a registered AirVape
  • has an AirVape forum account and left one feedback to help us improve


Artist edition - Our love for Art led us to create some unique pieces in collaboration with ARTFOURTWENTY. (

The proceeds of these units are donated to their charity 

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