Concentrate Cup Insert for AirVape Xs

Would you like to use your AirVape Xs for oil concentrates? 

Take advantage of the Xs Cup that can be easily inserted in the chamber.

Please note: this is for condensed material ONLY! It is NOT intended for the use of eLiquid (eJuice) because that could leak into the bottom of chamber. 

How to use:

    1. Place concentrates in the cup with the dabbing tool (found in the Xs Accessory box)
    2. Remove mouthpiece
    3. Make sure the chamber is empty (including removal of the chamber screen)
    4. Place Cup into the chamber
    5. Insert mouthpiece
    6. Vaporize as usual (higher temperature is recommended)
    7. When finished remove the Concentrates Cup. Caution: do not remove by hand, only with tweezers (also found in Xs Accessory box)


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