Water Bong Attachment for AirVape Xs

This glass water bong attachment is compatible with the AirVape Xs providing super portability and enhancing performance.

Comes with the Water bong attachment (male) and ultra portable water bong (female).

Water Bong attachment is also compatible with most water bongs.

How to use:
1. Remove AirVape Xs mouthpiece from the unit
2. Remove the food grade rubber from the base of the Xs mouthpiece and place the food grade rubber over the base of the bubbler mouthpiece (opposite of the cone end)
3. Insert the bubbler mouthpiece into AirVape Xs unit
4. Add water to bong attachment located at the larger opening (be sure to fill with water before attaching to bubbler)
5. Place bong attachment over the bubbler mouthpiece
6. Turn on AirVape Xs, set desired temperate and inhale when ready from bong attachment

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