9 Legal Herbs You Can Buy Easily From Any Supermarket For Your Vape
You can find a wide range of herbs you can add to your vaporizer to enhance your experience. These herbs also offer some great benefits through aromatherapy. The best thing about these herbs is that most of them are easy to buy from any supermarket or local shops.

They smell and taste lovely and also have some great medicinal benefits. Some of them have shooting and relaxing effects. Others are uplifting and energizing, a great way to enhance your mood naturally.

We collected for you the top 9 legal herbs that you can explore and experience by adding them to your vaping session.


Vaping levander

Lavender is famous for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.
This herb may improve your sleep, lower blood pressure, boost hair growth, and treat the blemishes on your skin.
Moreover, lavender is a herb that you can use for its antibacterial properties as well. People vaporize lavender mainly for relaxation.

With its amazing scent, you can turn your room into a peaceful, cozy place. Because of the delicacy of lavender, it is the best to vaporize at 130°C (266°F)


vaping Basil

Basil is also an excellent herb for vaping.
You can use Mediterranean dishes because of their strong flavor and aroma. Our ancestors utilized basil for aromatherapy to treat cold, fever, elevate mood, and digestion aid.
Vaporizing basil gives you a sweet and citrusy flavor because of the presence of linalool in it.
The properties of basil are similar to lavender, so we recommend keeping your vaporizer's temp near 130°C (266°F) for the best vaping experience.


vaping Peppermint

Peppermint and spearmint are pretty famous among all types of mints. You can identify peppermint from its dark and long leaves. Many of us often use it to add refreshing flavor to our dishes.
You used to purchase the best peppermint between May and September, but lately, you can find a fresh pot in every supermarket.
Vaping peppermint gives you a refreshing feeling, and it also has antiseptic properties.
The best vape temperature for basil is around 160°C (320°F).


vaping Sage

Sage has a slightly bitter taste when it's vaped, but don't let this hold you back. You can combine it with other taste herbs because it has excellent heart benefits that you might want to utilize.
Sage is rich in nutrients like magnesium, iron, vitamin B6 and can be used as a digestion aid. It also can be beneficial in treating colds and flu and helps regulating the menstrual cycle.
The best temperature for vaping sage is around 190°C (374°F)

Green Tea

vaping Green Tea

Green tea herbs have healthy bioactive compounds, which can improve your brain function, reduce unhealthy fat, and minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes.
It also lowers the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases because it is rich in antioxidants. Because of its caffeine content, it also helps with minor aches and elevates your mood.
Be careful, though; green tea releases much more caffeine when it's vaped compare to drinking. It can provide you with a burst of energy, but too much caffeine never a good idea :)
Green tea vapes best around 185°C (365°F)


vaping Thyme

Thyme is an excellent  source of vitamin C, fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, and vitamin A.
You can use it to cure a cold because of its intense aroma. Thyme has antibacterial properties as well. Just as it gives a beautiful flavor to your dishes, it enhances your vaping experience.
The perfect vaping temp for Thyme is around 150°C (302°F).


vaping Chamomile

Many of us consume chamomile as a natural remedy for a variety of health conditions. You can use it to treat insomnia, sunburn, and dandruff. Plus, it can boost your immune system, reduce menstrual pain and acne.
Today, you will find chamomile as one of the most recommended herbs for aromatherapy.
While vaping chamomile, set the temperature of your vape at 125°C (257°F)


vaping Cloves

For almost 2000 years, cloves have been famous because of their health properties. Clove contains magnesium, vitamin K, and fiber.
This herb can help you reduce cancer risk, kill harmful bacteria, improve liver health, regulate blood sugar, promote bone health, and be excellent for the respiratory system.
The taste and aroma of the clove herb are pleasant while vaping at 150°C (302°F)


vaping Rosemary

Rosemary is a resourceful herb, and it contains calcium, iron, and vitamin B6. You can use it on your meal because it will bring you an intense sweet-smelling aroma.
Rosemary can provide you with various health benefits by improving your digestive system and memory, lowering your risks of getting cancer, and slowing brain aging.

To get the most out of rosemary, keep the vaping temperature at 130°C (266°F) or lower.

However, this list is a good starting point; you can find many more herbs that work great in a vaporizer.

A general rule of thumb that always set your vaporizer to a lower temperature and work your way up slowly so you can find the best flavor that suits you.
Also, start with a smaller amount and wait a little bit since we all have our unique system, and some of us can be more sensitive to aromas than others.
Be adventures but keep it safe:)
Happy Vaping!
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