From Vaping to Gummies: 3 People Dish on Using CBD for Anxiety

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you know it can be very frustrating. Lack of enough sleep, fatigue, and panic attacks can make you so grumpy.

Luckily, many people using CBD oil for anxiety are now returning with positive testimonies.

Read and see what three patients of anxiety have to say after using CBD oil.

Have you tried all anti-anxiety meds, and you still don’t see the benefits? Well, try CBD oil, and it might just surprise. Here are three reviews from anxiety patients.

A million thoughts at a go, racing heartbeat and sweaty palms are always symptoms that people with anxiety are well-aware of. All these unwelcome symptoms happen at the worst time possible, making your life very stressful.

Anxiety is one of the leading mental disorders in the world, with one in every 13 people suffering from anxiety. For people living with anxiety, finding a way to manage the symptoms is very important.


Many anti-anxiety medications, such as Valium and Xanax, usually offer instant relief, but on the other hand, they can be very addictive. And while long-range medicines, such as Prozac, may help manage symptoms over time, they don’t work for all patients.

This explains why cannabidiol (CBD) is stealing the spotlight as a cure for anxiety. Luckily, thanks to the positive testimonies, more and more states are legalizing it.


How Should I Use CBD for Anxiety? 

If you’re looking to use cannabis for anxiety, education is essential. You’ll need to understand how often to take CBD, what is the right CBD dosage for anxiety, and what are various ways of consuming CBD. No technique works better than others, but some administration methods can work best for individuals, depending on the circumstances.

We talked to three people using CBD for anxiety, and maybe you’ll learn something from their experiences.


Vaping is one of the ways through which you can get instant benefits of cannabidiol. Smoking sends the CBD directly to the alveoli of the lungs, and from there, it enters the bloodstream for fast absorption. If you decide to ingest CBD using this method, be sure to use the best CBD cigarettes from reliable supplies.  

Phoebe, a lawyer, and CBD advocate says she began by using CBD oil to reduce pain after her leg injury. She then learned the benefits of CBD in dealing with anxiety and decided to go for it. For anxiety, Phoebe decided to go with vaping after discovering its almost instant results.

‘I’d vape a touch after getting out of bed, another one before bed, and as much in the day, when I needed to calm my anxiety instantly.’ She says that one reason why CBD vaping for anxiety was her best option, is the pressure she encounters in her work life that needs instant calming down.

Unfortunately, Phoebe had to switch to cannabidiol oil for anxiety because house state vaping in her country is cost-inhibitive. However, she could highly recommend it to anyone who has a daily schedule and wants a solution to calm their anxiety immediately.

There are still concerns that come with vaping cannabis, such as chemical compounds in the vaping fluid as well as the heating coils inside vape pencils.

The other challenge, according to Phoebe, is to know the exact dosage. However, the good still outweighs its bad.


CBD Vape Oils 

This type of ingestion is gaining popularity among customers. It requires taking sublingual natural oils by simply dropping the fluids under your tongue.

Lucy says that she was paranoid about using vape oil for her anxiety because illegal or not, she is not the one to use drugs.

However, she decided to give it a try. She says while going to crowded places always made her anxious after her CBD dosage, things were different. She chatted with the people around the mall, and she was very relaxed. Lucy also noticed she was able to do more under pressure and focus during her meditation classes.

Lucy said that although she was doing it for a review, she will definitely continue taking CBD oil.


CBD Gummies 

cbd gummies


What are CBD gummies?

There are small sugary sweets induced with CBD. And our last guest, Leila, uses CBD in the form of gummies. When we asked Leila why she uses CBD gummies, she said:

‘I started with CBD oil but later switched to gummies. Not because I wasn’t getting good results, it’s just weird to remove CBD oil and open your mouth for a drop in front of people. But when you take a gummy, no one suspects anything. This works for me because I’m always surrounded by people.’ Leila said.

Leila says that the CBD gummies’ benefits are similar to other forms of CBD. So, if you’re wondering if CBD gummies are effective for anxiety, the answer is yes.


Final Thoughts

Living with anxiety is not easy. Sometimes the attacks occur when we need to focus on the important stuff, which can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, cannabidiol has better results in calming anxiety. Like many people, you might be worried about getting high. The good news is that CBD doesn’t have THC, the substance that causes the ‘highness’.

What other ways of calming anxiety do you know? Tell us in the comment section.


Written by Rae Hudson

Author’s Bio:

Rae Hudson is a therapist, and she mainly focuses on people dealing with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. She suffered from depression for years, and after recovery, she went back to sleep to help others like her to manage the condition. She offers face-to-face and online sessions.