AirVape Legacy - What we Learned and Improved

If you are someone who's been enjoying the benefits of dry herb vaping over the last few years, you have most probably already heard about the newest portable vaporizer from AirVape:

The Legacy

The much anticipated new flagship model took a daring leap towards innovation both in design and engineering by re-imagining the heating technology and incorporating novel materials such as Vegan Leather, Hemp Textile and Gold. 

We listened, learned and improved.

The Developer Team at AirVape constructed the concept of the Legacy around the feedback collected over the years from thousands of customers and we are dedicated to the continuation of this trend moving forward. 


We absolutely understand the importance of flexibility in terms of functions by continuously upgrading and improving the Legacy to cover the widest spectrum of preferences so we kept listening and the feedback regarding the Legacy has been divided.

We heard from many vapers who enjoyed the quick heating and intensity, and also from people who reported that the heating is somewhat too “harsh”.

 An Elegant Solution.

Fortunately, the testing phases of the first Legacy prototypes resulted in a few different engineering solutions for the heat distribution issue. So we took the best one and transformed it into a simple, but elegant upgrade making the Legacy practical and accessible to vapers that prefer higher temperature settings.
We implemented a removable heating-chamber component which ensures a more balanced heat distribution and further reduces the chances of harsh flavor. Now, the latest addition to the Legacy kit serves to increase usability for an even larger percentage of vapers. 

The Smooth Edge Chamber Component was designed to make your vaping experience smoother and more balanced, it is also easily removable with the help of the included packing tool for cleaning purposes. 

 The placement of the Chamber Component inside the chamber creates an air buffer which allows for the air flow to have a more even heat distribution at higher temp settings. 

 Along with the improvement of the heating chamber we've also re-designed the Golden Micro-dosing basket to make it more sleek and efficient.



AirVape Legacy was created to harmoniously unite great performance with refined elegance. The classy exterior hides an even more impressive technological core and a thrilling list of features and different functionalities. 

HOW to get the Most out of your Legacy?

In order to fully customize your airvaping experience to your personal preference, you should first familiarize yourself and take charge of the wide range of settings of the Legacy.  

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With AirVape Legacy we decided to give you full control of your vaping temperature. Whereas other vaporizers offer a limited amount of temp settings we know that, not only personal preferences vary but also different type or consistency of herbs might also differ. 


The purposely programed Legacy a with a Wide Range of Temperature settings that cover everything from 212°F to 464°F (100°C to 240°C).


As the heating technology was re-imagined in the AirVape Legacy we realized that at the high end of the temperature spectrum any convection chamber will inevitably turn in part into a conduction chamber. The reason for this is simply that heat created to vaporize the content of chamber has nowhere to disperse especially in the absence of air flowing through the air path, so it builds up. 

Thus, we decided to implement a heat setting in the Legacy that allows the user to activate the heating only when it is needed. The On-Demand function can be turned ON/OFF by pressing the UP and DOWN button simultaneously and it does exactly what the name suggests, it heats up the chamber only when the POWER button is being pressed. 

 When the On-Demand function is turned on the iconic, revolving AirVape propeller-logo appears only while the POWER button is being held. 

Can the Legacy be used for OIL/CONCENTRATES and WAX?

Absolutely, the Legacy is a hybrid Vaporizer which means that it can be used for dry herbs as well as oil/concentrates and waxes.

The accessory that allows for more fluid materials to be vaped inside the chamber of Legacy is the WAX PAD INSERT.

The wax pad insert is made up of heat resistant metal mesh, shaped to fit the heating chamber and it allows you to place drops of oil or wax on it. 

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 How about Battery Life?

One of the main concerns of vapers when it comes to portable vapes is how long will the battery last. With the Legacy we managed to make major improvements in this area also.

The battery in AirVape Legacy is easily removable and its lasts more than 3 times longer than its predecessors. 

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Wireless Charging?

Along with the increased battery life, the Legacy comes with a fast USB C charging slot and it the first AirVape that can be charged also by a wireless charging surface.

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Not just a pretty faceplate

The driving force behind AirVape has always been a desire to explore uncharted territories, to find new and provocative design elements and combine them with the most efficient and innovative technology. 

The obvious attention to detail and refinement of the device is only heightened by the stylish, eco-friendly materials like vegan leather and hemp-based textile, blending surprisingly well with gunmetal, black ceramic and gold.

 To increase convenience and reduce waste, we designed the packaging of the unit to serve you as multi-functional vaping box. Made from matte black recycled paper, the Legacy box can be used for storing your vaping gear and as a charging station at the same time.


The AirVape Legacy has been a long time project in the making and it has become one of OUR proudest achievements to date hence, we are more than dedicated to the process of making it YOUR favorite portable vaporizer by continuously listening to your feedback. 

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