How to get the maximum out of my vape pen?

Vape pens, like all other devices, can develop faults when not used properly. The parts that make up a vape pen should be connected and functioning properly. If there is a problem with any parts, the vape pen will not function at all or just malfunction. The following could be the reason why your vape pen is not working:

Vape Pen blinks when the cartridge is in.

One of the problems with the vape pen is that it blinks to give you a warning even when the cartridge is in. This might be as a result of several things:

  1. You have fixed the parts incorrectly or are using parts that are not compatible with your device.
  2. The button might be stuck because you press it too often, or there is dirt embedded around it.
  3. The battery might be low, overheated, or loose. If the cartridge is not properly connected to the battery, or the battery is low or overheated, you might be getting the annoying blinking.


Why does my vape pen taste burnt with a new coil?

When a vape pen starts giving you a burnt taste, it is advisable to change it as a collection of fluid on the coil might be the reason for the taste. If it persists after the coil has been changed, it might be because of these things:

  • The tank is dirty.
  • You use the same tank for different flavors.
  • You use juice that is not compatible with your device.


Why is my vape leaking?

The tank of a vape pen is protected, and it should not be leaking. If this happens, it might be as a result of:

  • Wrong connection: All parts should fit together perfectly and leave no space for leakage.
  • Missing parts.
  • Broken device: You might have sat on the vape pen accidentally. Check all parts for signs of a crack.

Why is my vape pen blinking?

Vape pens come with indicator lights that alert you to the presence of a problem by blinking. If this is happening, check the following things:

  • Missing parts.
  • Depleted or overheated battery.
  • Dirt or remnants of vape juice on the circuit of the battery causing it to malfunction.
  • Safety lock. The blinking should stop in a while if this is the problem.


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Why is my vape popping?

Many new vapers ask the question, why does my vape pop? This is entirely normal. The popping sound is made as the liquid connects with the hot coil. The same process happens when you cook. There might be a problem if the popping is too loud or frequent. It might be as a result of:

  1. Bad coil.
  2. Thin or cheap vape juice. Vape juice should have a thick consistency. It shouldn't be too watery so that the atomizer does not make it too hot for your throat. So the popping could be saving you an unpleasant sensation.



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Comprehensive Guide on Vape Pen Issues.

Why is my vape pen blinking?


1. Bad Connection

The cartridge must always maintain contact with the battery for the vape pen to function properly. If the cartridge is not in contact with the battery, the vape pen will not come on or function properly.

The contact can be disturbed if the circuit is too far or clogged with remnants of vape juice and oils. So if your vape pen is not coming on, try checking the circuit for remnants of vape juice and oils. If that is the problem, you can clean it up with rubbing alcohol.

Dab a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry. If the cartridge is not connected to the battery, you can try to adjust it with a pin or paper clip. Do not pull with too much force to avoid damaging the parts.


2. Depleted Vape Juice

Your vape pen is on, but you are coming up with dry hits? It might be as a result of a depleted vape juice or e-liquid. The vape pen works by heating the e-liquid or juice in the tank.

This juice is converted into vapor for your enjoyment. When this juice gets depleted, you need to replace it by filling it yourself or placing auto-filled tanks. Once this is done, your vape pen should continue to function properly.


3. Clogged parts

Apart from the battery circuit, other parts of the vape pen can also become clogged. The mouthpiece can become clogged if the vape pen is not filled properly. The tank can also become clogged if it is not cleaned regularly. It is advisable to clean the vape pen at least once every week, depending on how much you use it.


4. Low Battery

The battery powers the vape pen. If the battery is flat, the vape pen will not function as expected. It is very important to have extra batteries handy, especially when you are traveling. Vape pens are easy to charge and do not take too long to charge.

One charge can last for about six-eight hours of constant use. Some vape pens are designed to last for a month or a few weeks. These pens are disposable and come with batteries that are always on.

They do not come with controls. As soon as you get a vape pen, it is compulsory to read the manual and familiarize yourself with its works.

5. Wrong temperature

Vape pens are to be stored under appropriate conditions. Severe weather conditions can damage the parts of your vape pen and cause it to a malfunction or stop working totally. Ensure that you don't leave vape pens under direct sunlight or in extremely cold weather for a long period. It's best to store them at room temperature.

6. Bad Parts 

Like in all other devices, the parts of a vape pen can get faulty. This can be as a result of prolonged use or just because you went for the wrong parts. The coil, battery, and other parts can get faulty and affect your vape pen functions. These parts can easily be purchased in vape shops around you.


7. Automatic safe lock 

Some vape pens come with automatic safety lock systems that help control the device's temperature. This means that when the device is too hot, the mechanism automatically turns it off to cool. If you have this kind of device, you need to wait for a minute or two to cool. As soon as the vape pen cools down, you can go back to enjoying the vaping experience.


8. Wrong Accessories

Another thing that can put your vape pen in danger is the use of wrong accessories. Wrong chargers, batteries, and other parts can stop your vape pen from functioning properly.


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