Newest Trend: AirVaping

What is AirVaping?

Rumor has it that the newest trend known as AirVaping all started when a few models just finished up working in New York City and wanted to go out, “AirVaping” with their vape pen after the show.

As it turns out that the AirVape Xs is a loose-leaf vaporizer, one of the best, portable vapes for sale.

AirVaping is the newest trend and quickly becoming its own lifestyle, a combination of being fun, classy, hipster, cool, sexy, calm and relaxed.

Right next to “googling”, AirVaping might just be your verb people are going to start doing.

Now, I’ve heard of “vaping” and “vaporizing”, but I feel that what differentiates AirVaping is not just because the vape is called an AirVape, but because of the lifestyle that is associated with AirVaping.

It’s more than just vaping with a few friends. AirVaping has become another way of saying that you’re taking your high to whole new level.

You’re now vaporizing with class and elegance, whether you’re at an event dressed in a suit and tie or in board shorts, hanging out and relaxing with some friends at the beach.

You’re vaporizing, well AirVaping like the respectable and classy adult that you are. Now, who is responsible for this AirVaping trend?

Roland S. and Chad L. along with a team of vape enthusiasts founded Apollo AirVape.  A well formed group of talented designers and futurist engineers were motivated to create affordable luxury in a space where high-end vaporizers are overpriced.  The first goal was to finally fit outstanding performance in a truly portable, small body. That's when AirVape was born, the thinnest true vaporizer for the best pocket-fit.

They were the first to create the thinnest vaporizer for sale along with its fast heating technology combining conduction and convection heating in it’s mighty little body. They believe in quality over quantity.

The AirVape Xs loose-leaf vaporizer is sold world wide, but I would recommend going straight to the source at, plus it is free shipping in the US and Canada.

So what are you waiting for?? Start AirVaping!