All You Need To Know About Vape Bongs

Why You Vape Through A Bong ?
- All You Need To Know About Vape Bongs

Thousands of individuals have turned to vape since it is considered a healthier alternative to smoking. So, if you hear someone touting the advantages of vaping versus smoking cigarettes, know that they may be on to something.

However, did you know that you can also use bongs to vape your herbs? Vape bongs may give you larger and deeper hits, which may come as a surprise to all the vape enthusiasts out there. You're missing out if you haven't tried this hidden treasure yet!

Using a vape bong instead of a regular bong may provide a far more satisfying experience. You're in for a great treat with the advantages of vapor and the potency of the bong.

Why Vape Through A Bong?

Vape Through A Bong

If you have tried to get high with a water pipe or a bong, you might be well aware of the cooling and soothing sensation it offers. Nothing quite compares to that feeling.

If you're new to the world of bongs, let us enlighten you on the fundamentals of herb inhalation. With a bong (also referred to as a water pipe), the smoke passes through water, which cools off the smoke you take in. The water even removes some ash particles, and the entire process results in a smoother hit that is not as harsh.

Vaping weed involves the heating of cannabis at lower temperatures.

However, you will inhale the most harmless parts with vaporizers and leave behind the few unpleasant ones. If you add a bong filtration, the heat will be lower, and the vapor will feel less dry. With a vape bong, inhaling the weed will feel incredibly smooth.

A cooler and deeper bong rip will make your overall vape experience worth it. Of course, you can always go for a vape-to-bong adapter to enjoy the benefits of both. Attach your vaporizer to the bong to filter the hot vapors and watch the magic happen. The dense vapors of cannabis will tingle your senses as you get high.

What Is The Difference Between Bong And Vape?

There has been an ongoing debate between bongs and vapes for ages. So, which is the best option for you? It all depends on personal preferences. As a result, before purchasing a vape bong, it is critical to understand their differences.

Let us dive in together and learn the critical differences between vaporizers and bongs:

●    Vaporizer

Vaping has recently gained attention as a less harmful alternative to smoking. When vaping, the liquid is heated to form the vapor that you end up inhaling. The vapors produced are odorless. However, they contain varying levels of nicotine that will get you high.

If you have ever tried vaping, you’ve probably used a dry herb vaporizer. You can even purchase your vaporizer set from the online market with the liquid flavor of your choice. Though you are still smoking weed with a vape, the hit is smoother and lighter. 

●    Bong

This piece of equipment is the most beloved among stoners, and we can see why. If you are a fan of bongs, then you are surely someone who likes to get high as soon as possible. In a water pipe, you need to light the herbs and inhale them all at once.

The most common form of a bong consists of a mouthpiece, a chamber stem, and a bowl usually made from metal that allows you to heat the cannabis you will inhale.


Comparing Vaporizers And Bongs

There is no denying that both vapes and bongs use the same substance to give you the desired high. However, there are a few differences in the way they operate.

The majority of the population is familiar with both, yet bongs are more popular and preferred by many. This is because when inhaling through a vaporizer, you will take in clean smoke, whereas, in bongs, you may end up inhaling chemicals too.

Vaporizers are compact and lightweight compared to bongs that are usually sold in bigger sizes. Although, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco, then bongs are perfect for you.

Bongs give you deeper clouds of smoke when compared to vapes.

Bongs also get you higher faster since you inhale a good amount of cannabinoids in a shorter time, but they can also make your brain foggy.

Is Vaping Easier On The Throat?

If you are new to vaping, then let us break the news to you. Most of the time, the hit is smoother and lighter on your throat and your senses. However, at times, the hit can be a bit harsh on your throat.

A strong throat hit occurs when the smoke hits hard and irritates your throat when you gulp it down. Some may like the feeling, while others may find it rather unpleasant. You may even get a sore throat if there is not enough vaping juice in the vaporizer.

So how do you tailor your vaping experience to your personal preferences? Do you prefer a stronger or more gentle hit? Let us help you pick the right proportion!

Looking for a stronger hit? Then follow the pointers below:

  • Menthol juice: If higher hits are what you are looking for, add some menthol flavors to your vape.
  • Reduced airflow: Reduce the vaporizer's power to inhale a slightly cooler and more tender smoke.

Do you prefer a gentler throat hit? Here are the tips for you:

  • Power setting: Reduce the power of the vaporizer to inhale in some cooler and tender smokes.
  • Sweeter flavors: Opt for some sweet and creamy flavors that will not just leave a fantastic taste in your mouth but also provide a smooth throat hit.

What Can You Smoke From A Bong?

Bongs are filtration devices used to smoke cannabis, marijuana, weed, tobacco, and other herbal substances. If you favor tobacco, know that you can smoke it through a water pipe as well. However, if you want to have healthier lungs in general, it is better to avoid tobacco.

You can always personalize your bong water to suit your preferences. For example, adding fruit flavoring to your bong water adds the maximum amount of flavor to your smoking experience.

If you are looking for a fruity experience while smoking herbs from a bong, then you can even add some cranberry juice to the water. You will experience a delicious fruity punch with the smoothest hit.

Make sure that the weed is ground and evenly broken before you add it to your pipe. This method will ensure that you can inhale all the goodness of the herb.

If it is your first time smoking weed through a bong, make sure you go slow and easy. There is no need to rush or go overboard. Instead, start with a smaller dose of weed before you smoke. You can always add some more later to reach your desired high.

How To Use A Vape Bong?

Are you someone who has stumbled upon the benefits of vaping for the first time? Is having an expensive bong at home stopping you from getting a vaporizer? Well, you may not be alone.

A lot of people who plan to switch from tobacco or bongs to vapes hesitate to do so. The reason is their attachment to their bongs. The good news is, now you can create your very own vape bong just by adding a vaporizer to it.

Most of the vaporizers available on the market today are designed to attach to your bong easily. So now you do not have to forget your old expensive bong to enjoy the benefits of a vaporizer.

So, if you have an existing vaporizer, you might as well switch to a vape bong. Few vaporizers come with an additional glass attachment, and you can fix it to the stem of the bong. Then, you can add an aroma tube and heat it with a portable device.

Once everything is in place with the device, you should gently place it in your bong. However, make sure that the weight of your portable vaporizer is not too heavy because the water pipe is made of glass.

Once you start using the water pipe adapter, you will be able to take in a mammoth of cool vapor. With the wider mouth of the water pipe, you can say goodbye to restricted airflow.

With a vape bong, you can always relish in bigger and cleaner hits with less hassle.

When To Use The Vape Bong?

If you intend to switch from tobacco to something cleaner and healthier, it is time to try out the vape bongs. If you can get the best of both worlds, why limit yourself to just one way?

Unless you are dabbing, you can always switch to a vape bong for an incredible high. If you are tired of inhaling herbs from the tiny, restrictive mouthpiece of a vaporizer, then now is the time to personalize your filter device.

What’s more, you will not have to worry about the heat that may hit your throat with a vape bong. If you get a sore throat every time you use your vaporizer, then you should give the vape bong a shot.

Vaping weed through a bong may seem like a lot of work, which is why we have created this handy guide to help you get an exceptional experience.

Tips For A Better Experience With A Vape Bong

Looking for a vape bong? Let us provide you with some clever tips to make your life easier:

●    Accurate Vape

First, you need to ensure that your vaporizer comes with a water pipe adapter. If your device does not have one, then you can purchase an adapter separately. Since each vape has a differently designed mouthpiece, each adapter will be specific to that device.

The right size of the vape will make the entire process of connecting to the water pipe seamless.

vape bong

●    Adapter Fit

Before you begin your vaping session, ensure that you can easily remove it from the bong joint. When you vape, the bong chamber gets filled with vapor, and you may need to clear it even after taking a huge puff.

However, it is always a better idea to get an airtight adapter for the best experience.

●    Bigger Bongs

They may be on the heavier side, but bigger bongs will give you a terrific vaping experience. The smaller ones may not have enough space for the weed or the herbs to boil faster. Although, if portability is your top priority, then definitely go with the smaller bongs.

●    Water Level

Maintaining an appropriate level of water in your bong is crucial. While inhaling through the bong, make sure you pour out any excess water. Overfilling the bong with water can ruin your device and spoil the entire vaping experience.

Final Thoughts

Vaping can be a great way of inhaling cannabis. So, are you ready to switch to a vape bong? If so, then be mindful and choose the gear most suitable for your needs and preferences.

Always go slow and steady and never go overboard with it - especially if it’s your first time. Make use of the best bongs for a phenomenal vaping experience.