AVB Pot Pizza

Welcome back to AirVape’s Recipe of the Month!

 AVB Pot Pizza

There are two reasons why we are not making a pizza from top to bottom in our Recipe of the Month:

First, because cooking a pizza takes some time and exposing your AVB for too long under high temperature will vaporize your remaining THC right there in your oven. Let’s not waste THC!

Second, we do not want you to spend hours in the kitchen just to have a good time with an edible. Let’s make it practical and efficient?

To take the best out of your AVB pot pizza, today we are going to use an already baked pizza. By reheating, you will heat your AVB just enough to mix it to the fat of the cheese and under a short period of time so you don’t vaporize all the THC present in your AVB.


If AVB is new to you and not quite sure what is it, or how to save and use it, go ahead, and check out our AVB guide. You can find the basics and some cool tricks and tips on how to get the most out of your already vaped bud. Also, you can find previous recipes here.

Note: While you are going through our AVB Guide, you can also find tips, how to water cure your AVB (takes away the strong scent of weed) or how to make cannabutter (you can use it for cooking), so make sure you check that out.  


Note that by making an edible with AVB instead of dry cannabis saves you time! If you want to use dry cannabis, you must decarboxylate it first, to transform THC-A into active THC.

On the other side, AVB is already decarboxylated so you have one step less. AVB goes though decarboxylation process under the heat of your AirVape vaporizer! Cool, right? Alright, let’s dive into our recipe!



Microwave or Oven

Mortar and pestle or grinder





Servings: 3 slices (half a pizza) or 6 slices (one pizza)

  • 1 already been cooked pizza
  • 5g AVB for half a medium pizza or 10g AVB for an entire pizza
  • Oregano and spices (optional)


  1. Break down your AVB using a grinder or a mortar and pestle. It helps to keep any gritty cannabis out of the mix and will allow a smoother flavor.
  2. Remove peperoni or any other toppings temporarily so you have the AVB directly on top or under your cheese.
  3. Add your grinded AVB, oregano, Italian spices, and any spices of your interest to make it nice and fresh.
  4. Take it to the microwave for 20-40 seconds or in the oven for maximum 10 minutes, just until the cheese melts. Don’t overcook it!



Now you’re ready to go.

You can expect a kick around 1 hour after your first slice and surges of happiness for up to 4 hours.

I know it’s extremely hard to eat only one slice of pizza but you should take my advice seriously: unless you really know what you’re doing, be very careful with the dose. Wait at least one hours to take a second slice. It’s easy to take too much if you don’t measure carefully.


I am sure you will have fun with your pizza. Relax and enjoy yourself!