AirVape Legacy

Be part of the community creating a ground-breaking new vaporizer!!!



The AirVape Legacy is set to be released in the fall of 2019 and even with its impressive list of features, we are still in the process of improving the final product and YOU can be part of the process. 

The current features of the AirVape Legacy were inspired by all the feedbacks we have been collecting since the AirVape XS and X models. After more than 15 revisions and the addition of some design twists, we came up with this unique, elegant look that makes the Legacy not only one the best performing portable vapes, but also something of an eye-candy.

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 2019 represents a milestone for Airvape vaporizers.

The tireless efforts of gathering feedback for all these years are finally paying off in the form a brand new, uniquely innovative device that clearly breaks off from the industry standard by bringing something new and exciting to the table.

Our Legacy.

Apollo vaporizers take a unique approach not only in design and technology, but also in the way we interact and maintain our relationship with our customers and by implementing an increasingly Eco-conscious mentality. The newest member of the AirVape family of vapes the AirVape Legacy is one of our most daring and ahead of its time device yet.



Our legacy is what we leave behind, not just metaphorically but also in a more literal sense, we are working hard on finding solutions for leaving less behind when it comes to our carbon footprint and our impact on our environment. By incorporating materials like Eco-friendly hemp textile and elegant non-animal based leather into the exterior design, the Legacy wanders into such uncharted territories where a vaporizer becomes much more than just a simple device, it aims to become a guiding light towards a greener future and hopefully sets a healthy and efficient model to follow.

Such originality in design is a rare and elusive beast and yet the Legacy is much more than a pretty looking vape. After carefully revising the customer feed backs collected throughout the years the Legacy is as tailor fitted to the user's needs as possible. The new, pure convection heating is even faster than in previous models and the heating chamber is adjustable. 

image shows the Legacy Special Edition Concept 

Legacy is also the first Airvape with a built-in water bubbler and a removable battery that has wireless charging option.

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