Ultimate Guide to Vaping

Ultimate Guide to Vaping


Vaping may seem easy for people who have only seen other people do it. But it actually has complexities to be discovered once you dive in the world of vaping. Firstly, you have to decide what you want to vaporize: cannabis wax, plant matter, vape juices. 

That decides what kind of vaporizer will suit your needs. Of course, you need to know what exactly you are paying for. Articles, like this we’ve made, will help you find the best mod that will cater to your needs.

Vape Juices, Herbs, and Wax

Vape juices are the most popular and common substance to be vaporized. They’re actually flavored oils that create tasty vapors when heated up. They are also referred to as e-liquids, e-juices, and vape liquids. Dried cannabis flowers can also be vaped as it is or be processed into wax or shatner.

What’s Vaping?

Inhaling substances that are superheated to create intoxicatingly delicious vapor. Whether your vaping wax, shatter, or herbs, the right temperature is reached and maintained so cannaboids like THC are vaporized without the actually burning the substance.

When vaping vape juices, it’s actually propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) added with flavorings and usually with nicotine in the mix. Vaping enthusiasts refer to both as e-juice.

What’s a vape?         

The devices used to vaporize active substances are called vaporizers or vapes for short. There are different types of vapes available on the market today. There are ones that can be used with any type of substance. And there are also ones that outperform those kinds by being especially intended for only one substance. 

A vape pen, or an ego, was developed taking inspirations from electronic cigarettes, e-cigs for short. Still, some people use the terms interchangeably. Vape pens are the cheapest options available for vapers. 

Mods, on the other hand, are much more expensive. They have a reputation for requiring energy to assemble. You get to have a say in every accessory as you can customize a mod to really fit your needs and wants. Beginners will have a hard time figuring them out, so enthusiasts and experts are the ones having the time of their life making them.

When you type vapes on Google Search, I’m pretty sure weed vapes will on the top of the results. Some run on wax while others use dry herbs. And you can also find vape devices that can vaporize both. 


E-juice has a huge fan base across the country for being legal in every state. Vaping weed, shatter, or wax isn’t as popular since only a few states have them on the market. 

Flavored juices have varying levels of nicotine which is also one of the reasons why they’re popular. From 0mg nicotine to over 9mg. Beginners are encouraged to start low.

Nicotine can make the vapor harsh for those not used to it. You might have a series of coughs and know what it’s like to inhale car emission.

And for people who have smoked cigarettes before, don’t expect nicotine from vape to have a similar effect on your system. You might feel sick and nauseated if you go off on the wrong foot. 

The Danger of Vaping

Studies conducted in the UK have shown vaping to be 95% less harmful compared to smoking tobacco products like cigarettes. It’s quite sensible. Cigarettes are tobacco wrapped in paper. The paper burns too, so it produces more carcinogen. Carcinogen is bad news because it’s the ingredient for getting cancer. 

Vapes are in no way 100% safer of course. They still pose a risk in comparison to not smoking or vaping at all. This is one consideration why the FDA prohibits sales to those who are below 18 years of age.

Another reason for their bad reputation is the fact that they can have nasty ingredients like diacetyl and formaldehyde. For this reason, vape products like e-liquids must meet the standards of the FDA before they are approved for sales. Buying vape juices approved by the FDA is a way to prevent getting popcorn lungs.

What’s popcorn lung?

That’s how young people call obliterative bronchiolitis which is an irreversible lung condition. The worst case of a popcorn lung can only be salvaged by getting a lung transplant.

The term popcorn lung was coined when eight popcorn factory employees were all positive for obliterative bronchiolitis. It was later found out that diacetyl was the culprit. Diacetyl is a chemical flavor enhancer that is present in artificial butter.

But it’s not only found in butter flavored food. It’s also present in some vape liquids especially those with candy or strong fruity flavors. A single draw or puff of vape juice containing diacetyl isn’t that damaging. But for people who vape extensively every day, it is a problem. Don’t be alarmed just yet and avoid vape juices containing diacetyl altogether. You can vape them. It’s just that you have to be wary.

What causes battery explosion?

If you read the news every day, you’ll notice that it’s almost every week that there’s a published story about e-cigs exploding. Like most electronic devices, vapes are also equipped with lithium-ion batteries. When overcharged, punctured, or overheated this type of battery builds energy too fast and ends in an explosion. That’s a tragedy called a thermal runaway.

The placement of the battery and coil in a vape pen can be inviting trouble. If a vape pen is well constructed, you don’t have to worry so much. Another threat arises when you don’t mind the voltage when charging your battery. It’s always advisable to check the manual before charging batteries.

Some vape pens are rigged with good batteries. And if you remember to stick with the recommended voltage. You’re okay.

On the other hand, there are people who seem to taunt trouble. Those who have unregulated mods may have it easy using their mods, but if they make a mistake in the setup, there’s the possibility of overheating followed by a thermal runaway.

Regulated mods are strongly recommended. Let’s leave unregulated mods to those who are good at electrical engineering.