Best Vaporizer for Oil Concentrates

Best Vaporizer for Oil Concentrates brought to you by Apollo AirVape

Whether you are new to the dabbing industry or an expert, the uniquely made, AirVape OM has been rated as one of the best vape pens for sale on the market.

From an elegant, discreet and fashionable design to convenience and performance, the AirVape OM does not disappoint.  This sturdy, well built oil vape delivers smooth and delicious vapor, yet compact while providing easy access to fit your keychain for on the go.

What makes The AirVape OM one of a kind?

The best vape pen for sale on the market is so unique because it not only comes with a dual quartz atomizer, but the vape allows you to change to any preferred universal pre filled cartridge.  The AirVape OM also comes with a small and a larger sized cap to fit perfectly over your preferred pre filled cartridge discreetly.

This powerful vape pen is not only trending in the dabbing community, but also giving quite the fashion statement.  This remarkable vapor pen has already been seen in the hands of several models, actors and artists in Los Angeles.

How to use the AirVape OM?

The vape pen is very simple to use with just the click of a button!  This button is located at the opposite end of the mouthpiece.  5 rapid clicks to turn on this little vape and you should see either a white, blue or red light flash twice depending on the battery power.  Red flashing is low battery, blue is medium and white is full battery.

Click the same button 2 times rapidly to change your voltage setting.  Red is the highest voltage, blue is medium and white is the lowest voltage setting.

Once you have chosen your voltage setting, simply hold down the same button when your mouth is on the opposite end where the mouthpiece is located and inhale.

How to charge the vaporizer?

Simply unscrew the cap first, then unscrew either the atomizer or your cartridge, whichever you’re currently using then screw in the USB that came in the box.  You may plug into any wall adapter or computer for convenient charging.

Ready to get your own AirVape OM?

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