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Vaping is the preferred method to consume dry herbs available at the vape store. Now, you can find many options when choosing vaporizers according to their requirements. Thanks to their designs and distinct functionality, many herb enthusiasts have discovered that AirVape vaporizer is the best of all.

AirVape, or AirVape USA, is an individual range of high-quality compact vaporizers from Apollo AirVape, one of the several popular handheld vaporizer companies in the market.

Popular among users for their slim, handy, and full-of-power vaporizers that allow for portability without losing performance, AirVape vaporizers offer many affordable options that are capable of giving you a better vaping experience.

The most recent options from the Apollo AirVape series is the AirVape XS Go. The AirVape XS Go vaporizers are an ergonomically modern design of the brand’s flagship AirVape XS vaporizer.

It is a high-quality vaporizer designed to consume dry herbs, and with the size of a cell phone. To be more discreet as you vape out and about, the super-portable AirVape OM Mini is a vaporizer that looks like a keychain. It goes with prefilled cartridges along with oils and waxes.

Top Vaporizers by AirVape



With its pure convection heating tech, ultra-fast heat-up time, wireless charging capability plus a few other surprise features, the Legacy PRO is the most technologically advanced dry herb vaporizer ever released by Apollo Vaporizer.

  • Used for Loose-leaf and Oil Concentrates
  • Vibration signal
  • Heat-up Time: 15 Seconds to Optimal Vaping Temp
  • Two-button precise temperature control ↑↓ from 93°C to 226°C
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Removable glass AirPath
  • Gold plated heating Chamber + Gold Plated Microdosing Disk
  • Measurements: 119 mm x 52 mm x 21
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What others say about the PRO? 

The Airvape Legacy Pro proves to be a game-changer, offering an ideal balance between simplicity and customization. With user-friendly controls and versatile temperature settings, it caters to a wide range of preferences. The pocketable powerhouse, with its premium build and aesthetics, makes it an attractive option for vape enthusiasts. The device's long-lasting battery life and convenient charging options further enhance its appeal, ensuring extended vaping sessions without interruptions.

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cbd incubator

The AirVape Legacy PRO is a truly portable and powerful, high-performance vape and it’s literally packed with features that you’d never normally find on a dry herb vape device in this price range.

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AirVape X 

airvaye x dry herb vape

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The AirVape X comes with a ceramic chamber that promotes rich flavor and even vaporization. Sure enough, this vaporizer has amazing hits and tasty flavor, especially if you use it on a lower temperature setting. If you fully load the bowl, it will last for about ten minutes. The mouthpiece has a screen system that filters vapor. This gives it time to cool down before you inhale. 

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AirVape OM

airvape om vape

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The AirVape OM is a pen-style concentrate vaporizer that highlights variable energy and a 350mAh battery series. It can be used with most common prefilled cartridges, and it also has a dual quartz rod with coil atomizer. And if this is your first time using a wax vaporizer, be certain to check our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for important info and tips.

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AirVape OM BasiK

airvape om vape

The design is excellent, and the body is made of stainless steel, which gives it a sturdy feel. The device has three voltage settings, and you get a flavorful vapor from the lowest setting. The OM Mini is compatible with most prefilled cartridges. Overall, the device is smart, budget-friendly, and works great!


AirVape XS


It is very small, looks great, and is easy to use. If you are in need of a compact design, this model is sure to satisfy you with its size and performance. This model is very different from any other vaporizer that you can purchase from vape stores. This version from Apollo AirVape offers a clean and nice taste when you heat the substance.


AirVape XS Go

airvape XS go vape

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This AirVape gives an impressive performance, even if you’re using it as a first-timer. AirVape XS Go is very lightweight, simple, and suitably discreet. The quality of flavor and vapor is amazing. You can also benefit from glass or ceramic mouthpiece. The life of the battery is super easy and impressive.

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Best AirVape Model That You Should Consider

vape airvape

AirVape, after releasing the AirVape XS, has gained love and respect from vape users. Now, AirVape has improved its previous model and launched AirVape X Vaporizer with a larger chamber, slight upgrades like the revised mouthpiece and slim design.

So, is the price of AirVape X worth buying the product?

The AirVape X makes it easier to vape in the short and long term. You can easily insert the material in the heating chamber due to funnel shape. The lid has magnets that hold it to the chamber and does not become stuck after prolonged use.

Additionally, cleaning the AirVape is easier than any other vape. The status and temperature control display is easy to use, intuitive, and larger than any competitor’s application based controlling. After trying AirVape X vaporizer, you will experience smoother and richer vapor than any alternative at the same price, along with a pleasant flavor.


Our pick: AirVape X

airvape x vape

The reason why AirVape X is a popular choice is that this model provides great taste is easy to clean, load, and use. There are also some detailed and convenient features such as standby timer and a magnetic lid that are amazing, further proving that AirVape cares about your convenience

You can set-up AirVape X vaporizer far more easily than any other vaporizer. The mouthpiece of this vape contains a magnet so that it can attach to the chamber securely. While loading this AirVape model, you do not have to worry about creating a mess, as you can see with other vaporizers such as Grasshopper. The reason behind this is a concave rim that helps to easily insert substance in the chamber.

Various other brands offer easy to use and insightful vaporizer designs. However, AirVape has a clear display and basic controls, making this brand unique and simpler to use than any other vaporizer. You need to tap the power button three times to turn it on. From the large display, you can check the battery life and temperature.

In only 30 seconds, the AirVape vaporizer will heat up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is normal and develops good vapor with the best flavor. With directional arrows, you can select the temperature from a range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your favorite strain and preferences. You do not have to install a Smartphone app just to check the life of your battery as you can check it on the screen. 

The taste of AirVape is different, depending on one flavor to another, and the smoke is full and very smooth just that from an expensive vaporizer. However, on the price of AirVape X, you cannot find any other vape with the same features. The mouthpiece and vapor do not become uncomfortably hot, but the portion all around the chamber becomes warm.

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Cleaning the AirVape X Vaporizer


AirVape offers you easier, more convenient clean than any other vaporizer; this is the most considerable benefit of using AirVape because it ensures that you can use this vaporizer in the long run.

The mouthpiece blocks all the resin, and you can easily open the cover and clean it in five small steps. As suggested by the manufacturer, to clean any AirVape vaporizer such as the AirVape X, you need to soak the product into isopropyl alcohol for several minutes.

Then, remove the product from the solution and scrape and wipe off the resin to improve its efficacy. However, with AirVape, you don’t have to clean your product so often. The cleaning process with AirVape is easier when compared to any other vaporizer such as DaVinci Miqro or the Vapium Summit, for which you have to remove both the sides and clean.

The AirVape X is very well-constructed and designed, flat shaped, nicely balanced, with a clear display and matte finish metal body. An intelligent vibration with a timer makes it very clear when the device is shutting down or powering on. This helps to protect battery life and avoids overheating the contents. 

The battery of the X model can last three to four hours before it needs charging. That is very normal on most vaporizers of this size. AirVape X also has a Micro USB input, a detail that adds versatility, portability, and convenience, and you can use any USB charger, like the one you use to charge your mobile phone.  

So if something goes wrong with your vaporizer, AirVape offers users a lifetime warranty, but you will need to register the Vaporizer to claim it. The vaporizers you buy from a retailer are not guaranteed with a warranty.

Also, you have to keep in mind that repairs come with a $20 handling and shipping fee and the battery replacements. Then, after about six months, the cost will increase to $60, which will only include handling and shipping.


Flaws But Not a Deal Breaker

The battery life on the X is average, but not great. You likely have to put it back on the charger after every two or three sessions. You should not use it when it is plugged into the charger because the battery will get low. You can’t use your own batteries instead of manufacturer-approved ones.

But by the use of Micro USB setup, you can always get yourself out of a pinch. The AirVape always shows you the battery level accurately, and if not, this is because of the display setting. 

If you want the most powerful vapor per puff like the convection model of the Grasshopper, the vape in difference stretches out the good and tasty flavor for long and makes controlling easier.


Features Airvape X Vaporizer

AirVape X has similar features as its predecessor, such as a smooth and aluminum design of its old version. Nonetheless, the AirVape X vaporizer comes with even more power, versatility, and convenience. To make clear the longer session with a fewer charge and huge ceramic chamber has also improved to 25% and more dry herbs than the XS.

A new magnetically attached component breaks off and on for streamlined cleaning and loading. But an upgraded mouthpiece, with high-grade ceramic construction, also improves the superior airflow. The AirVape X is also shipped with an expensive insert.


Precision Temperature Control

Created for vape lovers, the AirVape X claims accuracy, temperature control, allowing complete control over your device profiles. It is made with an expanded temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit; you can set the perfect temperature with ease. It also targets people with different vaping styles.

The controlling session is very easy with a bright and clear led display that shows the battery level, temperature and session length, and the pinpoint accurate heating setting with using simple down and up arrow buttons. Most importantly, the battery of 1300 mah battery heats up the AirVape X in just 20 seconds for quick heats.


Expanded Chamber

Created from best vapor manufacture, the AirVape X features a medical-grade clay herb chamber that takes out the best flavors from the material using the combustion process. The ample sized chamber holds 25% more materials than its predecessor.

Calibrated for a more powerful, smoother, and a hybrid heating convection, the conduction heating program vaporizes the materials. Vape X also provides long-lasting performance. Experience the natural effect of dry herbs and solid concrete as they are meant to be enjoyed.


Upgraded Mouthpiece

This vape includes a new and improved mouthpiece created of thermal resistance ceramic. The AirVape X also offers the lower drawn resistance for full-bodied, comfortable inhales.

A ceramic airflow filters and cools the box for smoother hits. The ceramic includes many complex and rich flavors that experts need. It is easy to load it with the new mouthpiece. It is successful upon the basis that the mouthpiece of the AirVape X has premium construction.

Stealthy Design

AirVape X vaporizer is lightweight, slim, and has a solid aluminum construction; This AirVape includes durability and stealth for a discreet and pleasant experience. Balancing only 3.2 ounces, it is a device that easily fits in your pocket. It has an ergonomic design that is easy to carry wherever you go.

The AirVape X has a Haptic response that allows you to keep the device hidden in your pocket, but it will only vibrate when it is reached to full temperature. The brand developed it for experts who always vape on the go. The AirVape X puts vapor production in the palm of your hand.



AirVape X is an innovative, easy to use, and recently launched Apollo series vaporizer that has no competition in the vaporizer market. Besides this model, you can choose from various other products in the AirVape family. However, AirVape produces one-of-a-kind vaporizers for their customers’ convenience and satisfaction.