Every Hit Counts

Every Hit Counts: 5 Must-Try Tips to Get the Most Out of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers have forever changed how people consume loose leaf, and other herbs, whether for pleasure or for medicinal purposes.

While vaping technology is becoming more advanced and vape pens are becoming more portable, there are time-tested tips every vaper should know to get the best experience possible.

All dry herb vaporizer users will benefit from the following tips, no matter what device they’re using, herbs they prefer, or the number of years they’ve been vaping.

  1. Use Fresh Herbs

Sounds like something one would read in a cookbook. However, herbs freshness is a crucial factor in vaping. This doesn’t mean that vapers should only look for freshly harvested loose leaf. Rather, they can seek out buds that are well-cured and of high-quality.

Herbs freshness is related to one critical element in the process of vaporizing - moisture. Fresh herbs are neither too wet nor too dry. This enables the compounds and the flavors in the loose leaf to get vaporized efficiently.

  1. The Right Grind Matters

Once the freshest herbs have been selected, it’s time to get the proper grind.

Why is the grind important? Grinding herbs increases the surface area of the leaves. This allows the heat to penetrate the herbs to produce a nice, thick, flavorful vapor. Grinding the herbs too fine or too coarse will greatly impact the quality of the vapor.

Likewise, an uneven grind will result in uneven “cooking” of the herbs in the heating chamber.

The easiest way to get the grind right is to invest in a good electric or manual grinder.

Here’s a pro tip: only grind loose leaf that is good for one vaping session. Grinding too much will result in leftovers that will already be too dry for vaporizing.

  1. Get the Perfect Temperature

Vaping experts agree that getting the right temperature is the most important factor in loose leaf vaping, or vaping other herbs for that matter. This is why it’s important to purchase a portable dry herb vaporizer that has a good temperature control.

For loose leaf vaping, below are the “boiling points” of the three most common cannabinoids:

  • CBG: 57°C/126°F
  • THC: 157°C/315°F
  • CBD: 180°C/356°F

Likewise, here are the ideal vaping temperatures for the other common herbs used in dry herb vaporizing:

  • Lavender: 130°C
  • Valerian: 235°C
  • St. John’s Wort: 100-150°C
  • Chamomile: 190°C
  • Yerba Mate: 150-190°C

  1. Technique is Important

Even the most advanced dry herb vaporizers will fail if the person using it doesn’t have sound technique.

That said, this tip could vary depending on who is giving it. However, many agree that taking short, gentle drags are the best way to use a vaporizer. This minimizes the chance of herbs getting sucked into the mouthpiece.

Further, long and hard inhalations introduce more cold air into the heating chamber forcing the device to work harder, decreasing its efficiency.

  1. Maintenance Matters

Just like any piece of tech, a dry herb vaporizer needs a lot of TLC not only to increase its longevity, but also to ensure that it produces the best-quality vapor every time. Everyone should carefully follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions of their vaporizers.

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