Why Give CBD Wax Vaping a Try

3 Reasons Why You Should Give CBD Wax Vaping a Try

Vaping technology is evolving extremely fast — from the very first e-cigarettes to today’s advanced dry herb vaporizers.

Now, there’s a relatively new kid on the block: wax vape pens.

The loose leaf community was quick to jump on this new vaping tech. Today, CBD wax vaping is growing in popularity. CBD, the younger cousin of THC, recently became famous among loose leaf vapers because it offers all the benefits with less of the psychotic high.

CBD is more commonly vaped as an oil concentrate and recently, CBD wax has been the talk of the vaping town.

Why would vapers want to give CBD wax vaporizing a try? Here are three top-of-mind reasons:

  1. Get the Best CBD Extract

The cannabidiol in CBD wax is extracted using what is called the supercritical or subcritical CO2 process. This method extracts CBD using carbon dioxide under high pressure and super cold temperature to isolate, preserve, and maintain CBD in its purest form. The result is an extremely potent and safe product, which is also free from chemicals such as chlorophyll.

  1. Feel the Results Almost Instantly

Due to the high concentration of potent CBD found in CBD wax, plus the fast metabolism of cannabidiol through inhalation, vaping CBD can produce almost instantaneous effects. The effect can be felt in literally seconds. This is ideal for those who are using cannabidiol for medicinal purposes such as pain and anxiety relief.

  1. Accurate and Easy CBD Dosing

There are many high-quality CBD wax that are available offering different doses of cannabidiol — from as low as 25% (250 mg per 1 gram) to as high as 90% (900 mg per 1 gram). Since the concentration of CBD is already specified, there’s no more guesswork and adjusting the dosage is quite a no-brainer. This is, of course, as long as the CBD wax is sourced from a reliable supplier.

The Different Forms of CBD Wax

For the noobs when it comes to CBD wax vaping, CBD wax can be called several names, depending on the form it takes. Here are some of the most common:

  • CBD Shatter. Glasslike in structure and opaque and cloudy in appearance. This is formed when CBD does not properly crystallize during the extraction process.
  • CBD Live Resin. Considered the foie gras of CBD wax. Manufacturers make this from cryogenically frozen buds, and is expensive to acquire.
  • CBD Budder. Extracted using high temperatures and high pressure. It has a consistency of butter, hence the name.
  • CBD Crumble. Made using pre-purged CBD oil that is high in moisture and has a thicker, stickier consistency. The result is a crumbly wax like feta cheese.

    Of course, switching to a dry herb vaporizer that can vaporize CBD wax is not mandatory. However, for those who want to discover the full spectrum of vaping cannabidiol, or loose for that matter, then it’s definitely worth considering.

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