How to Get the Most Vapor

How to Get the Most Vapor from Your Vape Pen
with the Least Amount of Herbs

For vaping enthusiasts, there are only a few things worse than not getting enough vapor from their dry herb vape pen.

Almost all vapers go through this ordeal. They take a hit from their dry herb vaporizer expecting to get a huge, flavorful cloud just to be disappointed with a paltry puff of vapor.

There’s a common misconception that insufficient vapor is due to an insufficient amount of herbs. This leads vapers to pack their vape pens with more, just to get the same result.

Not getting enough vapor is a bad vaping experience. It’s also an issue of cost since a lot of herbs are wasted in the process. This especially pertains to those who are vaping loose leaf. Everyone knows cannabis isn’t exactly cheap.

Given that the dry herb vaporizer is of high quality and isn’t defective, solving the problem of insufficient vapor isn’t exactly a Herculean task. Following these simple tips can help vapers get the most vapor with the least amount of herbs without wasting it.

  1. Your Herbs Should Be Dry as the Desert

It’s called a dry herb vaporizer for a reason. The drier the herbs, the more vapor is produced. When buying herbs or cannabis, vapers should always demand for the driest, most desiccated herbs from their supplier. However, vapers who are not 100% confident on the dryness of their herbs can do the following techniques:

  • The Glass Jar Method. Simply place a piece of tissue on the bottom of a lidless jar, put the herbs on it, and cover the herbs with another piece of tissue. Leave it overnight.
  • The Rice Method. Rice is known to absorb moisture pretty well (some attest that putting soaked mobile phones in a rice container makes the device usable again!). Put herbs in a rice container and remove it after a few hours. Make sure that no rice particles are stuck to the herbs.
  • The Oven Method. Spread herbs evenly on an aluminum pan and place it in a preheated (between 100°F and 150°F) oven. Watch over your herbs to ensure it doesn’t cook or burn.
    1. Get the Best Grind on Your Herbs

    The importance of the grind quality cannot be overemphasized if vapers want to have the best vaping experience. This includes getting the most vapor. Every vaper should invest in a good herb grinder. If available, vapers should opt for a grinder that increases the surface area of the herbs. The bigger the surface area, the more vapor is produced.

    1. Know How Tight to Pack

    The vapor comes from the herbs, so there’s actually truth to the common knowledge that more herbs will produce more vapor. However, vapers should be aware of how their dry herb vaporizers work. Sometimes, packing a vape pen too tight can block airflow, thereby restricting the flow of vapor from the chamber to the mouthpiece. However, if the mouthpiece and heating chamber are on opposite ends of the vaporizer, this may not be a problem.

    Properly packing a vaporizer will maximize vapor production and ensure a more enjoyable vaping experience.

    Just a quick caveat, not all herbs, and not all vaporizers are meant to produce a huge cloud of smoke, but they still produce great flavors for a gratifying vaping session. However, if it’s an issue regarding the amount of vapor, implementing the above techniques will help vapers get the most vapor out of their dry herb vaporizers.

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    In the meantime, do you have other tips on how to get the most vapor out of dry herb vaporizers? Post them in the comments section below.