3 Little Known Facts About Dry Herb Vaporizers

And Why Vapers Should Care

How well do vapers know their dry herb vaporizers?

Seeing this question might sound silly given that dry herb vaporizers have been around for some time. However, people will be surprised to know that there are hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of vape users worldwide who don’t know how their vaporizers work.

Why should vapers care about these little-known facts concerning their dry herb vaporizers? For one, it always pays to be an informed and educated user of any piece of tech. More importantly, knowing how dry herb vaporizers work could pave the way for a more pleasurable vaping experience.

Here are three little-known facts about dry herb vaporizers and why they matter:

  1. High Quality Vaporizers Should Cook the Herbs, Not Burn Them

For those who haven’t used a dry herb vaporizer before, but are considering buying one, might be surprised to hear this one. The white smoke that you see vapers exhale is not actually smoke, it’s vapor.

Instead of combustion, which burns the herbs and creates smoke, high-quality dry herb vaporizers “cook” loose leaf. This process brings out the flavors and other components from the herbs, turning them into vapor which is then inhaled.

Why it matters: The process described above is called convection wherein the heating element does not directly touch the herbs. Poor quality vaporizers often use conduction which burns the herbs instead of cooking them, resulting in more toxins and a burnt aftertaste.

There are more advanced dry herb vaporizers like the Airvape X that combines both conduction and convection heating for better performance.

  1. Vaping Loose Leaf Produces Less Toxins and Decreases Telltale Odors

Those who are looking to use their vaporizer for loose leaf are in for good news. According to researchers from the University of California in San Francisco: “A smokeless cannabis-vaporizing device delivers the same levels of THC, the active therapeutic chemical, with the same biological effects as smoking cannabis without the harmful toxins created by burning cannabis.”

Loose leaf vapers also reported a longer lasting high compared to the traditional way of smoking it. While it is long lasting, it is more mellow, without the haziness and “couch lock” (a strong sedative effect loose leaf users usually feel).

Another advantage of using a dry herb vaporizer for loose leaf is it reduces the telltale odor the leaf gives off. This is because vaporizers cook the herb extremely fast, 10 seconds or less, so the smell of burning leaves is lessened.

Why it matters: Portable dry herb vaporizers are ideal to use in more public spaces since the smell is minimized. However, it’s not totally eliminated. Therefore, vapers need to be aware of cannabis laws in their areas. Likewise, vaporizers are relatively safer compared to traditional loose leaf smoking.

  1. Grind Quality is an Important Enjoyment Factor in Vaping

A lot of times, vapers who are not getting good flavors from their herbs blame their vaporizers and are too hasty to buy a new one.

Before replacing a vaporizer, especially if it’s one of best brands, vapers should check the grind quality of their herbs. While the quality of the vaporizer dictates the quality of the vaping experience, how the herbs are ground play a crucial role as well.

Why it matters: Vapers should invest in a good quality herb grinder. An even herb grind will ensure the herbs cook simultaneously. A quality grinder will also help vapers achieve the ideal grind size, which is not too coarse and not too fine.

Presenting these facts is not just about giving vapers interesting trivia about their vapes. It’s about achieving an enjoyable vaping experience with every puff.

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