Prices of Vapes in 2019

Prices of Vapes in 2019

If you are considering transitioning from cigarette to e-cigarette, you might have encountered the pros and cons, the list of harms, and the claim that it is 95% safer.  If you still decided to forego, then, obviously, the next step is to learn about its price and expenses it’ll cost you.

A notion that something healthier is a more expensive alternative may be applicable to some cases, but fortunately, it is not for vaping. If your goal is to quit, then good for you. You can find a lot of cheap devices. As for those considering to try it as a hobby, it’s up to you to be responsible enough to only go by your budget.


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How much?

It is particularly cheap for those opting to abandon smoking. Recently, the China-US trade war has an impact on vape prices. It has increased a bit, did not make the product cost a pretty penny. For starters, vaping could be taken up by anyone of any budget.

Pod systems, All in Ones, cigalikes, MTL tank mods, and disposables are all different terms for beginner vapers. Rookie devices are relatively cheap since they are basically simple structured, therefore easy to use, has various styles, and different performance levels.  Here’s a list of prices:

Disposables fetch $3 to $7

Pens cost from $15 to $35

Pod systems are from $15 to $50

This is the normal range, but of course, the market offers more. Price often determines the quality, the intricateness of designs, and durability. In terms of performance, there are some out there that can compete with the more expensive ones. Choose wisely, and if ever you are caught in between, choose the one with the better design.

Coils Replacement

Heating elements or “Coils” are necessities that need to be replaced from time to time. This coil is the same as the bulb in your lamp. It doesn’t mean it’ll go out like a bulb, but if you want your devices to have the optimum performance, better replace it periodically. Therefore, it has to be included in your cost calculations. The coils could be in a form of cartridges, pods, or metal housings. This cost from $1-$5. They’re usually replaced weekly, some could endure for far more.

The daily e-liquid consumed will be around 1 to 10 milliliters, though the majority of users actually consume less than half of the range. Vapor’s production, nicotine intake, and strength of juice play an important role in consumption.


Vape juice expenses

 Vape juice is one of the determinants when calculating vaping costs in general. Naturally, a device that came prefilled will cost cheaper compared to a refillable option. The downside, vape juice is comparatively lesser than that of when you purchase a bottle. Opt for a refillable device. You’ll get so much in the long run than the prefilled vape.

Prefilled Device

Generally, these kinds of devices only pack 1 ml, quite a small quantity. It’ll cost around $3 to $7 regardless of multi-pack purchase or otherwise. You’ll need one to a couple of days before the need for replacement. Overall, it is pretty convenient, but not really cost-effective.


E-juice bottles come in different sizes. The smallest is at 10 mL and largest is at 120 ml. Though, it doesn’t mean a bottle size predicts the price. Expect the price range to be from $10 up to $30.

Save more

  1. Clearance sales offer a rollback for older models. A second-hand device will surely be offered at a low price. Check out Facebook groups and online forums related to vape for more steal.
  2. Premium juice is not the only option out there. Be sure to explore because other brands offer excellent flavors too.
  3. Vape hobbyist, listen up. Do your research in DIYing vape juices and coil making. It doesn’t have to be expensive in order to take up this hobby.

Take away

Vape pens, E-juice, and coils will cost you $50 for the initial month. A complete package would fetch more than twice the initial price, around $120 for a fully equipped mod that comes with juices, coils, and MTL tank. As for a monthly expense for juice and coil, add up another $30 - $60. A lot cheaper compared to a $6 budget for cigarettes each day. You’ll be able to see fewer expenses and have a bit of saving even before the month ends.

Prefilled pods and disposable vapes entice you with the cheap asking price, but if you think about it, all the coils and juices would cost you more depending on usage. Although, because of its convenient package deal, and no additional worries of trials to find what’s suitable for you, it is recommended for its practicality. It will definitely make vaping easier.

The merits for advanced vapers

If you are looking for more adventure and would like to try spicing things up consider paying a little bit more for an upgrade.

High-wattage with sub ohm devices. This is what most intermediate vapers use. It runs on a regular dual-battery which costs around $30 to $90 and a sub tank for another $30 to $50. A package kit will be more practical as it’ll fetch around $40 to $100. Of course, there are more expensive options in the market depending on the purpose.

Higher on the hierarchy are the hobbyists. They go for the often luxurious items like rebuildable atomizers, mechanical and complex-battery mods. Because the purpose is for a hobby, they often splurge on and will generally be spending way more than other kinds of vapers.

At the top would be the advanced vapers. The consumption of e-liquid will be more diverse which means unstable expense. A higher amount of e-liquid is required for larger atomizers and sub tanks as it goes through it at significant rates. Although, it’ll consume the same amount when you’re using a deluxe MTL atomizer. Advance vapers are also up to making their own e-juice or would just rather empty bottles after bottles of store-bought juice a week.

Want To Save More?

Surf the net for forums and groups that sells devices at a discount, and/or take advantage of clearance sales.

Trial and error. Give a chance to other cheaper brands for flavorful juice. If you want to save more, DIY shops have an unflavored base which gives a hefty discount for bulks. Unflavored, actually still has a subtle sweetness to it tough, not prominent as that of cookies and cream.

Organic cotton, VG, flavor concentrates, PG, nicotine base, and wire spools are definitely cheaper compared to store-bought ones. DIYing is a cost-efficient option. Note though, that it’ll only be applicable for people trying it out as their hobbies.