Vaping for Beginners: Pros and Cons

Vaping for Beginners: Pros and Cons

Vaping is just like any other issues that have positive and negative effects. You might read an article about how vaping can help people, and then watch as the news reporter enumerate the dangers of vaping. 

News like this can either push you to take on vaping or make you have second thoughts about entering the world of vaping. This article will mention the facts as we go through some advantages and disadvantages.

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The Benefits of Vaping

  1. Vaping is much safer than smoking. The Royal College of Physicians is one prestigious organization of doctors recognized worldwide. They are the ones who have proven smoking to be 95% safer compared to smoking cigarettes through research. Vaping doesn’t require combustion, ash, or tar, unlike smoking. Switching to vaping means better skin health, oral hygiene, lung capacity, circulation, and saving your taste and smell senses.
  2. Vaping doesn’t produce that noxious odor. Almost everyone hates the smell of cigarettes especially those who don’t smoke. Vaping isn’t like that as it shares the aroma of the flavoring it has been made with. It’s very far from the smell of dead tobacco. The scent from the vapor is too faint to be noticeable. You might even fish some compliments on the delicious aroma. Even vape juices with tobacco flavor don’t have the stinky smell of burning tobacco.
  3. Vaping allows you to control your nicotine intake. Vape juices are sold in different nicotine strength from 0 nicotine to high strength. You have full control over which bottle of vape juice you want to use. Most vapers who want to quit smoking started with a high dose gradually reducing their dosage until they can go without nicotine at all.
  4. Vaping gives you control to the vapor output. Certainly, it’s a new thing not present when smoking cigarettes. Small vape devices like e-cigs and vape pens offer convenience and produce low vapor. Bigger devices such as box mods and mechanical mods are ideal for full clouds. Just change the power output setting, coil type, and airflow allows you to fine-tune the vapor volume. You can go as discreet as you like, and you can also show off as much as you like.
  5. Flavors. Yes, some cigarettes have flavors, but that’s incomparable to the flavors when you use vape juices. The market is already flooded with flavors and manufacturers are still introducing new concoctions every now and then. There are so many flavor choices including fruits, menthol, desserts, savory ones, etc.
  6. Faster answer to cravings. Easily and conveniently give in to your cravings. Some advanced vapes require tinkering at first, but there are also plenty of vapes that come with prefilled tanks. You can use them immediately after pushing the button drawing from the mouthpiece. All vapes need a battery and vape juice to work, and an average one can last for a day without having to recharge.
  7. Easy on the pocket. There’s a vape device to match almost any budget. Disposable e-cigs are not only convenient but also cheap. Although if you have plans on vaping for a long time, you can save up money by buying a vape mod. There are also all sorts of vape juices with varying prices. Even though you only have 10 bucks on your budget, you’ll find something that works well.
  8. Vaping isn’t as hard as you think. You don’t need experience to start vaping. There are models intended for beginners. Some are even draw-activated which means you don’t have to push any button but just draw. Of course, there are more complex models, but it’s recommended to start with simpler models.
  9. Vapes are very accessible and available almost everywhere. It’s very accessible that you can find them sitting on shelves of convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations, and vape shops. Aside from buying them from physical stores, you can also order online.

The Drawbacks of Vaping

  1. Too many options. With all of the choices in vape juice, equipment, and accessories it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. It’s a lot easier to choose a cigarette name and a fancy lighter. For beginners, you have to scour blogs, articles, and guide to help you put up a starter kit. Experts are always ready and even eager to help you get started.
  2. Learning curve: technology. Most accessories and devices are designed for enthusiasts. Although beginners are advised to start with the basic and simple vapes, there’s a huge number of information about advanced devices on the internet drowning the few topics about starter kits. This can mislead you to think that vaping needs complex knowledge before you can experience it.
  3. Myth: Vaping is exclusive for youngsters. A lot of older people think that vaping is exclusive to the younger generation, so they stick with deadly cigarettes. While it’s true that you need to be 18 or 21, depending on which state you are in, to start smoking or vaping, anyone of legal age can vape. 
  4. Piling of expenses. Vaping involves buying consumable products like vape juice and coils. Quality vape juices tend to be more expensive, but you can hunt for bargains. You may stick with one flavor, but that isn’t fun if you think that there are thousands on the market. Keeping a rotation will definitely be expensive.
  5. The notoriety of nicotine. As a popular stimulant and relaxer, nicotine has become synonymous to cigarettes. They are actually different because smoking nicotine is the unhealthy way of introducing nicotine to the body. When people see you vaping, they’ll still think it’s the same thing. It’s best to have knowledge about their difference in case someone picks up an argument with you.
  6. Threats to health. There has been a study that lasted three and a half years to observe vaping and its effect on human health. There was no reported negative side effect in terms of health in all its participants. There’s no longer study than that at present though. Vaping is relatively new, so there aren’t available data yet about its long-term effects. 
  7. Scary news articles. Some of the scary news have a percentage of truth, others are merely made up.
  8. Since vaping is something new, people are making it synonymous to smoking even if it’s not.
  9. Regulations by FDA. The agency has been given authority over tobacco and cigarettes since 2009. They have acquired the power to categorize new products under tobacco if there are any traces of nicotine from tobacco in it. They have gone on and identified all vape juices as tobacco products even if there are ones without nicotine.

In the end, the choice will be made by you. No one can convince you otherwise but yourself.