Six Herb Vaporizer Types

Six Herb Vaporizer Types


We can inhale herbs more healthily with electronic devices called vaporizers. They use chambers to steam or burn substances. The heat comes from a metal or ceramic heating element to create vapor that looks like smoke.

Vaporizers can steam marijuana, tobacco, herbs, and other substances for inhaling.

The idea started in the1990s. Inventors made improvements in 2008. Today's vaporizers can get you the flavor. You will have fewer worries about your health.

With a vape, we inhale no cancer-causing substance.

Vaping Is Better Than Smoking
vape vaping dry herb

Vaporizers change how people inhale herbs. Doctors recommend it because of the pure vapors. Vaporizers keep a temperature that does not release the same harmful substances as smoking.

This is not the case with cigarettes. In the United States, every year cigarettes kill over 400,000 people. A vaporizer is cheaper and healthier.

There are plenty of choices when buying a vaporizer. It is important to choose one that is right for you. Some vapes are good when on the go while others are for staying home.

Vaping Materials

Some vaporizers can vape several types of substances. Weed lovers can choose between wax, dry herbs or e-liquids. Vaporizers that use e-liquids are becoming very popular everywhere.


These vaporizers come in stylish models. These vaporizers have a cartridge to hold the liquid. You can use the mouthpiece to enjoy the e-liquid vapor.
Dry Herbs

A dry herb vaporizer can heat the substances into vapor. Some of these vaporizers allow you to change the chamber to use a different type of substance.

Two Categories of Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers

People keep desktop vaporizers at home. They are silent. It uses a wall outlet for power. It can reach temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hotter the temperature, the more THC you can get. They have LED displays to show the temperature. The price for a desktop vaporizer can be anywhere from $100 to over $1000.

# 1: (Bag Desktop Vaporizers)

These have a bag to keep the vapor. Nylon bags can hold the potent gas for hours. Bag vaporizers are perfect for parties. You can use vape bags for more than one hundred times.

# 2: (Whip Desktop Vaporizers)

It looks more like the Hookah. Everyone can pass the pipe around. It is mostly made of a silicone tube. Desktop vaporizers are excellent for parties. These have a heating tube, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. Thickens of the vapor depends on the amount you draw and the temperature of the gas.

Anyone using one for the first time can figure it out. Desktop vaporizers are harder to move.

Technicalities of Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers mostly work using convection heating. Just place the herb in one section next to materials that create heat. The heat comes from ceramic or metal plates. The heat will vaporize the herbs.

The Advantage of Desktop Vaporizers

These have a constant power supply from the wall outlet. They can remain at a constant high temperature. This gives a rich consistent taste.

The Disadvantage of Desktop Vaporizers

They are not portable. You need to stay near a wall outlet.

Portable Vaporizers

vaporizer portable vape

    These are for on the go personal usage. They are small. Some can fit in your palm. Portable vaporizers where large however they reduced in size over the years.

    You must consider the material that makes them, quality of the vapor, speed to heat, price, and size when choosing a portable vaporizer. Prices can range from $50 - $250.

    Ceramic heating is one of the best. A flat ceramic disk, rod or coil atomizer.

    # 3: (Oil Vape Pens)

    These have several shapes. It can shape like a pen. Hence the name, Vape Pen. Different models produce thick, medium, or thin vapor. Some shape like a lighter or cigarette. Some brands can use thinners in the oils to get the desired mix.

    # 4: (Portable Dry Vapes)

    Dry vaporizers have more brands to choose from than oil vaporizers. They are small. Most have just one button. They vaporize without smoke since there is no combustion.

    # 5: (Portable Wax Vaporizers)

    Wax vaporizers work just like dry ones. They are the cleanest. The wax has a higher concentrate of the original herb. Pen vape or dab pens is another name for them. It is advisable to find out if you can manage the stronger hits.

    # 6: (Portable Dry with Oil Vaporizers)

    The three in one vaporizer use dry herb, wax, and oils. You can switch between three types of substances. You can control the temperature between 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Some have several heating chambers. One for conduction heating and another for convection heating.

    The Technicalities of Portable Vaporizers

    Portable vaporizers are easy to carry anywhere. Batteries power them.

    The Advantage of Portable Vaporizers

    The small sizes can fit in your bag or pockets. Use them anywhere. They are rechargeable.

    The Disadvantage of Portable Vaporizers

    They have a limited power supply. They are less powerful than desktop vaporizers. Many portable vaporizers do not have the same taste as desktop vaporizers.

    Are Portable Vaporizers Better Than Desktop Vaporizers?

    The portable vaporizers are small. Portable vaporizers have smaller room for substances. Portable vaporizers can run out of power. They mostly do not have any temperature control. They are set to one temperature. Best when vaping alone.

    Desktops vapes are large. They have constant power from a wall outlet. Desktop vaporizers have good temperature control. This allows the user to change the flavor of the vapor. You can vape in groups or share them at parties.

    Choosing a Vaporizer

    Vaporizers might help you with anxiety or pain. Some portable vaporizers give the same taste as desktop vaporizers. Think about your needs. Will your portable vape have enough battery life to suit you?

    For fun at parties, everybody can enjoy a desktop vaporizer by passing it around. They keep running once connected to a working wall outlet. Desktop vaporizers can run for long and give good quality vapor.