Tail of Time Travel / The AirVape X Story


This photo has us all completely SHOOK!  The year stamped on this photo must be some kind of a mistake though, right?  1987… but how is there a Mac Computer and AirVape X in the picture?  The hottest dry herb vaporizer, AirVape X did not release until December 2017.  The internet wasn’t even a thing until the following year after in 1990 and Apple was still known as an old-school, box-shaped Macintosh.  Oddly enough, there is no mistake.  Eva is a lucky girl, with a gifted scientist boyfriend who gave her the opportunity to travel to the future and back, for the second time. She is a technology geek, so she brought the most up to date technology with her.  The year really was 1987 taken in the heart of the Big Apple.  I know what you’re thinking, of all things, why did she choose to bring these two products with her to travel through time? We understand the 5K retina display iMac. She has a great eye for design, so this computer will be the perfect teacher of digital art, until she will actually become the best digital artist of the 20th century, enjoying this huge advantage.

On the other hand, she needs to let her creative mind flow by enjoying some smoking, once in a while. She have seen in 2017, that one of the biggest trends is wellness, and vaporizing is the healthier alternative to smoking. So she chose the most portable, best performing vaporizer, AirVape. 

The AirVape X is the newest model of the hottest dry herb vaporizer line, that everyone’s been raving about.  Apollo came out with the best vape on the market just in time for the Holiday’s and Eva couldn’t wait to share Apollo's newest model with her friends from 1987, who she already brought the Xs model to, the first time she traveled...  Her friends were already obsessed with the AirVape Xs, now Apollo is taking the vaping game to a whole new level and this has us even more shook than the photo!


The first thing Eva and her friends noticed is how the dry herb vaporizer design felt super smooth and sleek dressed for the first time in all Black.  Also, it’s incredibly advanced upgrade of the new and unique strong, magnetic mouthpiece structure.  This vaporizer mouthpiece will definitely not get lost in your purse or pockets.  As the group couldn’t wait to get their hands on the AirVape X, they also realized the higher class of materials that are being used.  The X is now equipped with a ceramic mouthpiece AND a ceramic air flow box.


That’s not all, the AirVape X includes an even larger ceramic chamber, but still managed to stay the thinnest vaporizer on the market with it’s small and compact size/shape.  Just like the AirVape Xs, you may still vaporize waxy oil concentrates with the waxy pad insert.  Another perk with purchasing the AirVape X, the wax pad insert now comes with the unit instead of being sold separately. The AirVape X battery lasts about 7-8 sessions, which is more than enough for 2 days for even a heavy vape user.  We would prefer something like this that is much more portable than a huge, chunky vaporizer.  It’s not like we don’t charge our phones everyday as it is, most people would much rather choose the portability.


The AirVape X is still very simple to use just like the Xs, whether you’re a new beginner or someone who’s been vaping for awhile and own many vapes, the settings are very easy.  Just 3 clicks to turn the unit on and/or off.  Plus there is the exact temperature control from 200 F - 428 F because not all herbs are the same dry.  Sometimes you need to adjust the temperature, even if it’s only a few degrees and that’s why the AirVape X is preferred over another dry herb vaporizer with preset temperatures.  Forgot to turn off your vaporizer?  It’s okay, the AirVape X vape pen includes an automatic shut off timer which can be adjusted from 3 to 5 minutes.  The AirVape X timer doesn’t start until the vape has reached the temperature setting and ready to use.


The AirVape X still features vibration when ready and when the vape pen turns off, which is another feature we can’t live without now and heats up to optimal vaporizing temperature within just 20 seconds!  The AirVape X is still considered as one of the fastest heating vaporizers for sale on the market.  No wonder why Eva is so blessed with the gift of time travel to show off this hot new gadget to her friends.  


She also loves the upgrade program she might go back to the future for. This program lets you upgrade to the newest model at any time for a fraction of its retail price, IF you are an existing AirVape owner. So you can be sure that Apollo keeps you up to date and you are making the right choice when you choose AirVape. 

Rumors say, Apollo is coming out with a model in the fall/end of the year of 2018, with not only the best heating technology on the market, but a whole new functionality patent that will blow your mind.