Tips For Safe Vaping

Don't Let Your Safety Go Up In Smoke: Tips For Safe Vaping

From 2000 to 2016, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported nearly 200 vape pen explosions. Just recently in Florida, the death of a 38-year old man from St. Petersburg was linked to a vape pen that exploded causing a small fire.

Thousands of vapers are now asking: “Is my vaporizer a ticking time bomb?”

The answer — No.

While exploding vaporizers are always put in the spotlight in the media, the percentage is extremely low compared to the total number of vape pens that have been released and used in the market. More importantly, most of these accidents involved low-quality devices from unknown manufacturers.

Reputable vaporizer brands put a premium on safety. For example, AirVape X, which was recently recognized as the best portable vaporizer, follows stringent manufacturing standards to ensure not just quality, but also safety. In fact, as an additional precaution, AirVape offers safe vaping tips to its users.

That said, it’s still important for vapers to know how they can achieve the most enjoyable vaping experience as well as the safest.

Here are some tips:

Choose the Right Charger

Here’s one thing to keep in mind: not all chargers are suited for dry herb vaporizers.

For example, it’s common practice to use smartphone chargers for vape pens. This might have been okay in the past, but probably not today.

Recently, smartphone manufacturers have been releasing “fast chargers” or “lightning chargers” which charge smartphones faster than before. However, it is important to note that when charging vaporizers, the maximum output capacity should be 5V 1A. Most fast chargers exceed this requirement.

Those who choose to charge their vape pens using their computer should monitor the temperature, especially for laptops without good ventilation.

Give Your Batteries the Proper TLC

When authorities report about exploding vape pens, they’re actually talking about exploding batteries. Vaporizers don’t explode, the batteries do.

However, the batteries in vaporizers are the same batteries found in many other devices such as computers and smartphones? Do people be afraid of them?

Not really.

The Food & Drug Administration lists the following tips to prevent vaporizer batteries from exploding:

  • Spare batteries should not be carried loosely in the pocket/bag. Although vaporizer batteries may be similar to some other batteries, use a case specifically made to store vape pen batteries.
  • Don’t leave a vape pen charging unattended.
  • Avoid charging overnight.
  • Damaged batteries should no longer be used and properly disposed of.

Be Cautious of Hot Parts

This may sound like stating the obvious, but a lot of vapers forget that things get hot inside their vaporizers. A lot of injuries have resulted from lack of caution handling the heating elements of vape pens.

For example, many vaporizers have the mouthpiece sitting directly above the heating chamber. There have been instances when vapers forget to replace the mouthpiece and their lips directly touch the heating element resulting in minor injuries.

Additionally, the heating element should not come in contact with other things such as furniture pieces to avoid catching fire.

Vapers should not panic over the gloom-and-doom talks when it comes to vaping safety. With the right information and necessary precaution, vapers can enjoy their vaping experiences without worrying.

AirVape sells only the highest quality vaporizers and vape accessories and has been hailed as one of the best by many vaping critics worldwide.

AirVape follows stringent manufacturing standards to ensure quality and safety. Check out our newest dry herb vaporizer, the AirVape X.

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