AirVape safety


  • never use AirVape Xs without the protective rubber cap on mouthpiece
  • never operate device below 0 C (32 F) and above 32 C (90 F) temperature conditions 
  • never operate a vehicle or machinery in conjunction with the use of this device
  • never operate AirVape with empty tank
  • never fill chamber with stems, seeds or liquid
  • if any part of device becomes wet for some reason, allow it to dry completely before resuming use
  • allow sufficient cooling period after automatic timer shuts the unit off 


  • you must immediately discontinue use if the device shows any kind of damage, including but not limited to dents, overheating, restrictive flow, and electronical malfunctions. Do not attempt to repair, replace or install any part of the device, please contact


  • always keep device away from children. Always keep device out of reach of children.

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