Vape Guide: Tips on How to Get the Proper Dosage of CBD

In this article we’ll be discussing bioavailability, covering dosage calculation, and making recommendations on CBD doses. 

There’s no such thing as a universal dose when it comes to CBD, so looking for the exact dose is quite difficult. There are many things to be considered in order to determine one’s personal dosage, revolving around your reason for taking CBD oil. These factors may include:

        Body chemistry

        Delivery method

        CBD strength


        Severity of one’s condition

King’s College London has also determined through a series of experiments that cannabidiol can have varying effects on different people because of the factors enumerated above.

This means that your friend’s dose might not have the same effects on you even if he strongly recommends it. This guide was made to help you find the right dosage taking into account many factors.


There are many delivery methods because they also have varying levels of bioavailability. Bioavailability is the term used to refer to the quantity of CBD that is actually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Vaping has a very high bioavailability among all the ways of introducing CBD to the body according to drug companies. Vape juice with CBD oil delivers results just like other CBD forms, edibles, oil tinctures, and capsules. But the dose in vaping is comparatively less compared to use to have similar effects. Therefore, CBD vape juice is a very efficient way of delivering cannabidiol to the body.

5-15% CBD gummies and capsules 

20-30% CBD oil tinctures

40-50% CBD vape juice

With these differences in the bioavailability, a 10mg CBD vape juice can deliver 4-5mg to the body. It’s math that will definitely come handy in identifying which dosage fits you. If you have to change the way you take CBD, go back to the info above and the simple math will help you stick with the same dosage.

Calculating Dosage

vaping dry herb vaporizer

You also have to know your weight to calculate which dosage is ideal for you. Start with the lowest recommended dose for your weight and then go up when you’re not satisfied. It’s not a good idea to immediately dive in at a high dosage as you might experience the side effects. Drowsiness can be avoided if you start low going up.

When you browse CBD bottles, you’ll notice that almost all of them have the quantity of CBD they have per bottle instead of expressing it per milliliter. 

Let’s take a 30mL bottle with a 1000mg CBD as an example. An mL roughly has about 33.3mg CBD. We get this by using these equations:

Total mg/Bottle divided by the bottle content in mL equals the amount of BD per mL.

So, if a vape pen has a 1mL capacity, multiply the amount of CBD and its tank’s capacity in mL.

A 2mL tank contains 66.6mg CBD. And a 3mL tank contains 99.9mg CBD.

CDB in Each Puff

Is it possible to compute how much CBD there is in every puff you take? Unfortunately, a definitive answer doesn’t exist. CBD vape pens and tanks don’t have uniform vapor output. A vape pen with 1mL capacity can last between 100 to 200 puffs because we don’t have the same puff duration. That 1mL containing 200mg of CBD might give you about 1 to 2 milligrams per puff.

But if you’re using a mod, check if it has a counter for puffs. Most vape mods are equipped with a puff counter to help you keep track of how many puff you can take. Getting a vape device with this feature gives you a number of many puffs are a tank equivalent to. You can then determine how much CBD there is in each puff.

Another way to compute your daily intake without being technical is by counting how frequent you refill the tank. If the tank has a 66mg CBD content and you consume halfway, 33mg has made it to your body. Let’s say you that took you 33 puffs, then you got about 1mg per puff.

The Recommended Dosages

The heavier you are, the dosage is also higher. Based on how much you weight, here are the recommended dosage for reference. As a rule of the thumb, start from the lowest recommended dosage instead of starting high going low.

Bodyweight in Pounds




Low Dose




Medium Dose




High Dose





But remember that the health condition that you’re treating also influences the recommended dosage for you. And the ones on the table are for oral intake. As you’ve read a while ago, vaping and ingesting have different bioavailability levels. Vaping has higher bioavailability. 

For cancer patients who need to boost their appetite, 2.5mg is recommended and works best when combined with 2.5mg THC.

Chronic pain patients need a dose that may be as low as 2.5 or as high as 20mg.

If you have epilepsy, you’ll have to take in 200-300mg.

Anyone who’s suffering from sleep disorders needs between 40 to 160mg.

And for social anxiety, 40mg is the lowest but it can go as far as 300mg.

Wrap Up

These guides will help you understand and make calculations to find the perfect dosage for CBD vaping. As you’ve read, there’s really no definitive answer if you don’t take into account many factors. We highly recommend starting with the lowest recommended dosage and go up the ladder with small increments. Once you’ve found the dosage that fits you best, stick with it.