Why Dry Herb Vape Pens Smell

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Do Dry Herb Vape Pens Smell?

The answer to this five-year-old question is, yes, yes they do. Vaping weed smells. You cannot fully hide the scent. It is a mix-up with e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes use e-juice which come in flavored variations, mostly fruit flavored.

Different vaporizers will all give off a different level of scent. You will have a build-up smell if there is no fresh air.


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Dry Herb Vaporizer

Your weed vaporizer is going to smell as much as the weed you're using it with. However, the smell with the vaporizer is still minimal compared to a burning the herb in a pipe or rolled up joint. It is important to remember that smoke is always going to have a more intense smell than vapor and it will stay on your clothes longer too. So, it is recommended to vape or smoke outside if you want to completely avoid stincking up your room or at the very least opening some windows at let it air out.

Do Dab Pens smell?

Yes, the vapor that results from dabbing may still smell of marijuana, but it is much less intense than smoking. Dab pens use concentrates or waxes which are concentrated cannabis substances that are made by extracting THC and other chemicals from cannabis using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. Once it is finished, the substance will have between 50-90% THC.


Dab Pens smell


These have nothing to do with marijuana. E-cigarettes are to help people who smoke cigarettes. They have many flavors. You can try fruity, dessert, and the original tobacco scent. This is where there was confusion with Vaporizers. Vaporizers are used to vape marijuana.


One important point is that combustion heating levels begin above four hundred degrees.


Reasons They Smell.

Vaporizers are not odorless. The reason they smell is that the vapor comes out. The vapor has the scent. If the vapor or cloud is gone then the scent is gone. The smell will increase with higher temperatures. When you'rehiding and trying to be discreet, use temperatures between 356 – 392 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 – 200 degrees Celsius.


Do THC vape pens smell like weed? 

Yes, THC dab pens do smell, but the smell won't stick around for long. Also, wax pens don't just smell like weed. There are hundreds of different terpenes that determine the aroma. Some of the most notable ones are blueberry.


Conduction and Convection



You are heating the herb via direct heat from a coil. There is no direct flames but combustion is still possible at high temperatures, almost like burning your clothes while ironing. Some vaporizers use a glass tube where the herb is against the coil.



Hot air is being heated up by the coil and passes through the herb to create steam. Instead of directly heating the herb, the heated air will do the extraction of aromas from the herb. This method is used for smoother vaporization and to further avoid combustion.

How to make it smell less?



The Right Temperature

This is important to keep low. Higher temperature will burn the substances. The ingredients will also disappear fast.



You should vape next to a window or vent. Once the scent goes outside then you are fine.


Take Smaller Hits

Do not do too much at a time. The less of the substance burned the less time for the smell to disrepair.


Clean the vaporizer

If you don’t clean your vaporizer, then it will fill up with residue. No residue equals no smell. Residue has a stronger smell than dry herbs.


Space the Time between Hits

The longer you wait, the cleaner the air.


Vape in a cool area

If your room temperature is high then the scent will stick around longer. If the room is cooler then the scent will leave faster.


Cool Down the Vaporizer

If the vaporizer is still hot, the substance will continue to heat and will give off a scent.