AirVape Xs and AirVape X: How are they similar and different?
Apollo AirVape has been eager to introduce the AirVape Xs' big brother...

                      The AirVape X

Same as the AirVape Xs, the X is still the small compact, discreet design and thinnest loose-leaf vaporizer for sale on the market, but now with a few new advanced upgrades!

Both vaporizers have the "best of both worlds" by using an advance heating technology with a combination of conduction and convection heating for outstanding performance.

These portable loose-leaf vapes include ready to use vibration feature and 1.3 inch display screen to provide your exact temperature control to vaporize anywhere from 200 - 428F. 

How are these two portable vaporizers different?

  • The AirVape X has a 25% larger ceramic chamber than the AirVape Xs

  • The AirVape X is used with a higher class of materials such as ceramic mouthpiece and ceramic airflow box while the AirVape Xs uses a glass mouthpiece and metal air flow box

  • The AirVape X features an advanced mouthpiece structure and conveniently new magnetic upgrade different from the AirVape Xs

  • The AirVape X includes Wax Pad Insert while AirVape Xs Wax Cup Insert is sold separately

  • The AirVape X is designed with 2 new and appealing colors

Already have an AirVape Xs and looking to upgrade to AirVape X?  Well, guess what...


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