E-Liquid VS Dry Herb Vaporizers

Which one is for you?

Whether you’re familiar with vaping or not, this article still may be for you. We’re going to be going through the pros, cons, differences and similarities between both liquid and herb vaporizers.

What are vaporizers?

To those out there who aren't exactly clear on the purpose and benefits of using a vaporizer, then read this.

Essentially, a vape is something that vaporizes whatever active materials you insert into the chamber. They produce vapor, which is much like smoking but without the negative, life-threatening repercussions of smoking.

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There are multiple different types of vaporizers and it’s just a matter of picking which type is right for you. For some, liquid vaporizers are a cigarette alternative. (There are liquids available without nicotine to for those who don’t smoke.)

On the other hand, there are herb vaporizers. Although cannabis is the most common herb used, there are actually a huge array of different materials you can experiment with.

Here’s a list of just a few:

  • Lavender
  • Green tea
  • Sage
  • Peppermint
  • Thyme
  • Lemon balm
  • Tobacco

herbs to vape

Yes, you can also use tobacco!

This means you smokers could switch over to a more tasteful and potentially healthier smoking experience. That’s not the only good news I’ve got for you though. A lot of the above mentioned herbs (minus tobacco) are thought to have some sort of medicinal benefits. Think of it like magic. Some work as antidepressants; others sedatives and some just make a delicious addition to your bowl. Combine them and mix it up.

Pros of Liquid Vaporizers:

liquid vaporizer


If you’re an avid vaper, then you’ll know that liquid vaporizers are more than just a little bit customizable. You can create a vape that fits you and your personality. This doesn’t just go for the vape itself. There are a million and one different flavored liquids out there, so there will certainly be one for you. Candy floss, chocolate, rum - you name it. You can also choose your nicotine strength.

You’ll smell nice

If you’re an ex-smoker switching over to a vaporizer; you’ll smell of Candy floss or toffee rather than cigarettes.

Improvement in health

Many ex-smokers report an impressive improvement in health after dropping the ciggies. Of course, there will still be an addiction there if you’re using liquids high in nicotine. Many say their lungs feel more healthy and they’re able to be more active without coughing or running out of breath.

Smoking Alternative

This can’t be mentioned enough. It’s also the reason many liquids contain nicotine. They’re man made and specifically targeted towards those trying to quit. It’s a much healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking making it a pretty brilliant road to go down. Tobacco weakens you and destroys your lungs. Tar filled lungs are a problem for just about anyone that smokes so if you’re a smoker, this could be the perfect change of pace you’re looking for. Using an E-cig will give you your daily dose of nicotine and the beyond lovely sensation of blowing ‘smoke’ from your mouth without having to destroy your lungs in the process. Vapor clouds can be pretty cool too if you’re interested in that.

Pros of Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizer 

Medicinal benefits

First of all, if you're switching to a vaporizer because you're an avid weed smoker and you're used to packing your joints with tobacco to prevent side-burning. I have a surprise…

vaporizers don’t sideburn.  If you were to research the medicinal properties of some herbs, I guarantee you’ll be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of health benefits. For example; below are a few of the different medicinal benefits.

    • It can help those with Depression.
    • It can help those with Anxiety if used correctly.
    • It can help those with eating disorders.
    • It can help those with PTSD

There are so many more , so If you’d like to learn more about the benefits, click here.


[NOTE: Although in certain circumstances, it can cause anxiety - there are many ways to stop that being the case. Find a place that you feel safe. By yourself, or with friends or family that you trust.]


Smoking a roll-up, a cigarette or a big spliff on a public street might not really be your thing. Maybe all you want is to go about your day unnoticed. First of all, visually - a portable vaporizer is definitely more discreet than a joint. In some cases, they can be lifelong friends. Some vaporizers have add-ons to make your experience even more discreet.

For example, recently came out with the X Shell, which is a impressively sleek smell and splash proof case for the AirVape X.  

Up and go

Ever leave your house without realizing you forgot your papers? Or maybe you don’t have anything to use for roach? One cool thing about vaping is that you don’t need to lug a bunch of rolling supplies around with you. You also don’t have experience dropping your weed because you couldn’t hold your rizla still while out in the wind. You just need some pre-grinded cannabis and your trusty vape.

If you’re one of those people that just want to get to vaping as fast as humanly

possible, you can pre-prepare some capsules before you go out.


A lot of people find that a lot of the time they smoke, it ends in harsh drags and phlegm filled lungs. If you invest in a trustworthy vape, there’s no going back. Vapor is so much smoother than smoke so you can guarantee a quality session.

Enhances flavor

When you vaporize your herbs, you’ll be offered a much purer and tasteful experience.  This goes for both marijuana and tobacco.

When you smoke, the materials you put into your joint turn into ash which means you’re smoking ash. Which, let’s be realistic - is never going to taste very nice.

If you’re somebody that really values, appreciates and really likes to savor the taste of their herb, this is one hundred percent a benefit for you.

Goes further

When you vaporize cannabis, you’re left with a lot of product. Many believe that there’s no point in keeping it as it doesn’t usually make a very satisfying smoke but that’s not true. Although the second statement about AVB (Already Vaped Bud) not tasting great when smoked is true it tastes great when integrated into your cooking. 

There’s hundreds of recipes out there, and there’s sure to be at least one thing there that will spark your interest. 

Although rumored not to, AVB still has enough active cannabinoids to get you high as long as your product isn’t a dry, black texture. In that case you’ve likely over done it.

Cons of Liquid Vaporizers

Nicotine Addiction

If you choose to vape E-liquids that contain nicotine the dangers of nicotine dependency are still present just as you would find with smoking cigarettes. This is quite easily negated if you use only nicotine free E liquid when you vape.


If you’ve ever used a cheap vape pen for more than a couple of days, you’ll have likely noticed a leak or perhaps tasted a spurt of Bubble Gum flavoured e-liquid when taking a drag. Obviously, a decent vape won’t have a problem of the same extent but whether you’re spending a mere $20 on an unbranded vape pen off of Ebay or if you’ve bought and fully modified a vaporizer that you spent your entire months salary on, there’s still going to be at least a bit of mess if you like it or not.

[NOTE: Please don’t buy a unbranded $20 vape pen off of Ebay as it could have faulty components.]

Health Effects Unknown

Professionals are still unsure if e-liquids are entirely healthy.

Cons of Dry Herb Vaporizers


As you can imagine, you won’t have a vape for very long if you don’t clean out the chamber and other surrounding components that might be covered in AVB. Sometimes you may find an odd goopy substance that likes to build up around the chamber and mouthpiece region - although this is entirely dependant on your make of vaporizer. Be sure to read through guides and manuals, being sure to perform maintenance on whichever basis your guide recommends.   

‘Dry herb vapes are expensive!”

Of course this isn’t the case for all dry herb vapes - but it is the case with a lot of the higher tier vape brands and it’s also what a lot of people automatically think. So, if your price range is kind of steep, you need not worry. There’s many amazing, under appreciated high quality vapes out there with very reasonable prices that go unnoticed on the market. Although, it’s recommended not to spend money on cheap or untrusted brands as they could have faulty parts which would be dangerous. Nobody wants a battery to blow up in their hands! Just ensure that you do your research before investing in a vaporizer. Search for a company that you know is trustworthy with good reviews on their products.

Discreet? Portable? Lifelong? Sleek? Durable?

A point that must be made is that dry herb vapes and e-liquid vapes are two different things. There is no best and there is no worst. There is no versus. It’s a case of personal preference. Just do your research until you find a vape that fits both you and your needs.