How does AirVape work

The AirVape X features a comfortable and unique mouthpiece structure.  You would first remove the mouthpiece from the top of the portable vaporizer to expose the ceramic chamber provided for great flavor.

  1. Be sure to grind your flower before packing the chamber with a 2 layer grinder.  Apollo recommends a 2 layer grinder because a 3 layer could grind the flower too fine and it could 

  2. Next, pack the flower tightly into the ceramic chamber.  Place the Ceramic magnetic mouthpiece back on, which you’ll hear it click right into place.

  3. Turn on the AirVape X portable vape by clicking the on/off button 3 times rapidly.  Once the unit is on, you’ll notice the screen display “AirVape” and then it will begin heating up.  This is when you may adjust the temperature setting to your personal preference with the up and down arrow buttons.

AirVape features a combination of convection and conduction heating for outstanding performance.

You may ask: what is the best temperature to vaporize at

The answer is: It ALL DEPENDS... On dryness of flower and preference. 

Almost everybody likes it differently. That is why AirVape's exact temperature control is great, because it lets you adjust the temp precisely. 

We recommend starting it anywhere from 380-410 and feel out harshness, cloud, taste, and adjust it to your preference.

   4. When the vaporizer reaches your desired temperature, inhale the vapor slowly and deeply to feel the effects.