How to Smoke Wax Without A Rig

Your Perfect Guide To Smoking Wax Without A Rig

What's the best way to smoke wax without a rig? Is such a thing even possible? If so, how would you go about doing it?

As the popularity of smoking concentrated cannabis grows, most users choose to use wax with dab rigs. However, that isn't the sole method of ingesting marijuana concentrate.

Rigs are convenient and enjoyable to use, but you may also try various methods of smoking oils and waxes. So, if you're looking for a quick way to enjoy the wax while you're on the go, we've got some great suggestions.

Let's look at how you smoke wax without a rig, including the advantages, disadvantages, and recommendations for each method. You'll also learn how to distinguish between the various marijuana concentrates.

How to Smoke Wax Without A Rig – 4 Simple Methods

Marijuana concentrate

Marijuana concentrate or wax is among the most potent forms of cannabis. The concentrates often look like honey or butter. They can be used both medically and recreationally.

They are available in a variety of forms, including rosin, beakers, oil, and wax. Here are the four ways to smoke wax without a rig in detail.

Use The Vape Pen

A vape pen or vaporizer pen is affordable compared to a rig. It is also a low-cost product that is available online and in head shops. 

You can select a vape pen as per your requirements.


  • Always buy a vape pen with a good number of reviews and high durability. However, if you want to buy one just to experiment, you can pick a budget-friendly one.


  • Conserve the concentrates
  • Affordable compared to a rig

    Can You Smoke Wax From A Bowl?

    Smoke Wax From A Bowl

    You might find it difficult to smoke without a rig at first, so experiment with smoking in a bong or a bowl of cannabis. It's the most straightforward approach, and it produces the same effect as using a rig.

    The herbs are placed inside a bowl in this method, and the wax is applied on top. Then you can light the weed and smoke like you usually would.

    Many people are unfamiliar with CBD hemp flowers. However, when you combine CBD flowers with wax, you may create a highly beneficial supplement for your body.

    CBD is found in the cannabis plant's bud. Some have only a trace of THC, while others have none at all. CBD allows you to smoke wax without a setup.


    • Hit the bowl slowly and keep the lighter away from the bowl. The goal is to melt the concentrate with the herb. So, if you try to hit too hard, you will lose the wax since it can catch fire.
    • You can keep the concentrates in the freezer for ten minutes if they are unstable, i.e., sticky or melted. This way, they will harden and become easier to keep inside the bowl.


    • A simple and straightforward procedure
    • Requires no skill to smoke


    • You need to combine both concentrates and herbs
    • The herbs can alter the flavor of the wax.

    Roll It Up Like A Pro

    wax joint

    If you like blunts and rolling joints, you can enjoy the hand-rolled smoking device. Add the concentrate and enjoy!

    You can use the rolling device in two ways:

    1. Roll from the inside of the joint into a snake shape with rolling paper. Place the herb on the top of the paper and roll it.
    2. Wrap the paper around the blunt or joint. Roll it nicely, then light it up.


    • You can use a rolling kief, which makes for a mess-free process


    • The only thing needed for the process is rolling joint paper


    • The concentrates might drip, so you have to put them on the inside

    Let's Eat!

    Can you eat it? It might sound strange, but it is another way to consume wax. Eating can get you really high, so you should prepare yourself before trying it.

    First, heat the concentrate until all of the THCAs have been converted to THC. The process is known as decarboxylating, and it will help your body digest the wax. However, you should start slowly with the process because you don't know how hard it might hit you.

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    • If you don't want to get wax on your lips and teeth, you can fill the pill capsules with decarbed oil.


    • No need to vaporize or smoke for people with sensitive throat
    • Materials that are easily accessible


    • It tastes less like an actual dab and more like an edible

    How Not to Smoke Wax

    Some people search the internet for various ways to smoke wax without a rig. However, some of the methods mentioned might do more harm than good.

    If you want to know how to smoke wax without a rig, you should avoid the following methods.

    ●    Aluminum Foil

    When compared to solid metals, aluminum foils can off-gas more often. As a result, the smell or taste can make you feel sick. You might feel like you are breathing wax vapor.

    ●    Car Lighter

    Some people recommend using the car lighter's red-hot coil to vaporize concentrate. But, you might end up damaging your car.

    No doubt, the coil will vaporize the concentrates, but it can also get on the sides. When this happens, you cannot immediately replace the concentrate in the slot.

    ●    Stove

    Even though a stove is a suitable heat source, people may end up dropping the concentrate on the stove’s eyes.

    The concentrates dripping on the sides can stick to the grease trap of the stove. Additionally, if you try to put your face too close to the stove, you can seriously hurt yourself.

    How To Smoke Shatter

    smoking shatter

    Do you know that shatter has about 80% cannabinoid content? As one of the purest and more concentrated forms of cannabis extract, it is super potent.

    So, you might be wondering how you can smoke shatter. Would you need a rig, or could you do it without one?

    Using A Rig

    If you want to smoke with a rig, you can choose the most popular oil rig. It's a glass pipe with a vertical chamber with a hole and a mouthpiece. You will insert the metal or a glass nail into the hole.

    As soon as the nail gets hot, you will put the shatter on the nail and dab it with a metal dabber. This way, you will allow the oil to combust and produce smoke to inhale with the help of the rig.

    How Can You Smoke Shatter With No Rig

    You will find more than one way to smoke shatter without a rig. The methods are pretty similar to smoking wax, so let's find out more:

    • In a bong: With a screen, a clean bong bowl, lighter, and shatter, you can smoke shatter as per your convenience. Place the screen under the bong bowl and add the shatter inside the bowl. Light it and blow on it to get it to burn. Inhale the smoke as it burns.
    • In a pipe: It will feel like smoking a regular dried flower. But, for the best experience, you can try the Marley Natural Walnut Spoon Pipe.
    • In a vape: Take a vaporizer and put a small drop inside it. Now, heat it until it's warm enough for you to inhale.

    Are There Any Alternatives?

    The glass bowl, pipe, and vape are not the only options for smoking wax without a rig. There are alternative options as well.

    ●     Dab Pens

    You can use dab pens as a substitute for a dry herb vaporizer that comes with dual-use capability. One compartment is for herbs, while the other is for concentrates. Besides, the dab pens are great for smoking shatter as they do not create smoke at home.

    ●     E-Nails

    E-nails are convenient when it comes to heating the nail. They can work in conjunction with the rig but are much easier to use than a blow torch.

    Difference Between Wax, Shatter, And Resin

    Not familiar with wax, shatter, and resin? These are the extracts from the oil that concentrate cannabis compounds such as CBD and THC. But are the compounds the same? What's the difference between the three?

    Let's look at how to differentiate between the popular concentrates to help you decide on the best choice.

    ●    Wax

    Have you seen ear wax with the consistency of coconut oil? Wax looks the same as the sticky counterpart of cannabis concentrate. The texture doesn’t feel like liquid or solid, but somewhere in between.

    Initially, it was an amber liquid developed from a butane extraction. Next, it is agitated and heated to produce a soft, opaque material. When fully developed, its transparency is lost.

    The molecules crystallize from the agitation process and produce a messy layer. The consistency of the layer can be similar to a honeycomb, ear wax, or peanut butter.

    ●    Shatter

    As explained above, shatter is among the most potent cannabis compounds. The compound has the transparency of flawless amber glass. Further, the color results from the extraction process, and it usually has a golden orange or yellow color.

    Shatter is produced by forcing the chemicals out of the cannabis material. Doing so will result in an amber liquid, which solidifies as it cools. After that, it retains the consistency of peanut brittle.

    Shatter contains more THC, and it may also include other leftover solvents. So, you should be careful when taking a high amount of shatter.

    ●    Resin

    Resin is a relatively new concentration, and it comprises a high amount of terpenes. Live resin uses living plants instead of dried ones. After they are cultivated, the living plants are cryogenically frozen to preserve the THC content, terpene profiles, and oil lost during the aging and curing process.

    The whole plant is used to produce resin, including stalks, branches, leaves, and flowers. Moreover, the concentrate is famous for medical purposes and also suits expensive taste buds.

    The Difference

    At first glance, you may not find any significant difference except for the THC content and production processes in wax, shatter, and resin.  All three help with dabbing and provide a powerful high.

    However, there are still a few critical differences in the storage and use of these concentrates:

    • Shatter is difficult to measure and handle due to its brittle nature. On the other hand, wax is convenient to handle with its coconut oil consistency.
    • Wax loses its quality quickly, whereas shattering lasts longer and is more stable. However, you can store all three concentrates anywhere except in high temperatures.
    • Producing shatter takes total concentration, while the wax is easier to make. By contrast, the resin needs a trained technician and a lab setup.

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    How To Smoke Wax Without A Rig – Quality In Equals Quality Out

    You now know how to smoke without a rig. However, whether you smoke wax with or without a rig, you should always buy quality wax from a reputable source. The wax made with organic, high-quality ingredients should be your primary consideration.

    You can also make wax at home, which leaves you with nothing but naturally produced products. However, it might not have the same effect as the original wax.

    Final Thoughts

    It's always fun to smoke wax with a rig, but there is no harm in experimenting with other methods when you don't have one readily available. The methods explained above are easy to understand and follow, so you can use them whenever you want.

    You can find cannabis in plenty of varieties, but consumers don't always understand the specificities of each type. Furthermore, you have to consider your safety first before choosing an extract and method of consumption.

    So, now you have everything you need to know about how to smoke wax without a rig! When temptation arises, try whichever method suits you best.