Portable Vape Pens V.S Desktop Vaporizers

Portable Vape Pens V.S Desktop Vaporizers

Inventors made the Desktop vaporizers in the 1990s. These plug into a wall outlet and stay in one spot. Desktop vaporizers can only vaporize herbs. People recently started using portable vaporizers. Everyone likes the portability. Both portable and desktop vaporizers are excellent products.

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What are Desktop Vaporizers?


Desktop vaporizers are not mobile. These vaporizers stay at home due to their size. The price of a desktop vaporizer can range from $100 to $500.


What are Portable Vaporizers?


Portable vaporizers are smaller devices that can fit into your pockets. They are battery-powered. These can vape e-juice, wax, and dry herbs. Depending on what you want, you can buy a specific model vaporizer.


Dry Herb Vaporizer


Dry herb vaporizers can vaporize dry herbs. You can vape on the go. That is why they have become prevalent.


Box Mod Vapes


Box mods can use e-juice or wax. They work by using either a wax or e-liquid atomizer. There are many products to make your selection.


Portable VS Non-Portable Vapes


Desktop vapes and dry herb portable vaporizers have some things in common. They both use convection heating. Other portable vaporizers are very different because they use wax or oil substances. Desktops only use dry herbs. You put the herbs into a convection oven to vaporize it.


Wax pens use wax substances. Also known as, dab pens. Wax is loaded then heated with a ceramic rod or quartz rod. Some have more than one coil to vaporize the wax.


Oil Vaporizers


You can vape e-juice by filling the tank then screwing it on the box mod. Desktop vaporizers don't use these liquids.


Portable vaporizers are cheaper than desktop vaporizers. These pocket vapes can cost from $20 to $300. Wax pen prices are from $20 to $80. Box mods vaporizer prices are from $40 to $90.


A good desktop vaporizer.


If you’re looking for the best desktop vaporizer on the market, the cost can be up to $600. This vaporizer is well worth the money. It will last you a lifetime. If you just want a vaporizer to use only at home, then this is the best choice. It is nice when vaping in a group. The only setback is that you can't vape on the go.


Portable Vaporizers


There are many types of portable vaporizers. I will list some of the best ones. There are four types of portable vaporizers.


Best dry herb vaporizer


When choosing a dry herb vaporizer. Pick one where the vape heats up in at least twenty seconds. The retail price can be up to $139.


Wax Pen Vaporizer


Pick a Vape Pen or wax pen that has a voltage adjustment. You can make the temperature higher or lower. Adjusting the temperature allows you to tune the flavor. 


Oil Vape Pen


You can find a vape pen that is a small box mod with a screw-on cartridge. The cartage connects to the battery via magnet. It is easy to conceal what you are vaping when it is small.




Desktop vaporizers are not the same as portable ones. There are reasons to buy either type. The volcano is the best vaporizer to invest in and keep at home.


If portability is what you are after, then there is an ocean of vaporizers to make your choice. If you are considering buying a portable vaporizer, your first thoughts should be what substances you would like to vape. Then explore the vaporizers that can use your desired substances.


You can also check reviews to see what other consumers think about the vaporizers that they bought. With so many various vaporizers, there is a perfect fit for anyone.